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House music for the past two years has been my main music group that I listen to. It is what most of my friends and I bond over. It is a shared love that I believe everyone should join in on! It is one of the things that I am very passionate about. With that being said, I have compiled a list of my top 10 favorite house songs that I strongly believe everybody needs to listen to. Give House music a chance in 2024!

  1. Innerbloom – RÜFÜS DU SOL

“Innerbloom” was the first house song that I ever got exposed to. Ever since then, it has held a special place in my heart. For all those that know and love house music, know Innerbloom is a classic that will never get old. This is the type of song that you can either dance to or study with it in the background, sometimes even both! Nonetheless all who love house music love “Innerbloom”. Seeing this play live is on my bucket list. This song truly is an out of body experience.

2. Heaven Takes You Home – Swedish House Mafia

“Heaven Takes You Home” is seriously one of my favorite all time songs. If I am having a bad day, this is the song that I play to make me happy. This is one of those songs that you just fall in love with and make you feel good. This is definitely one of those songs that you do not plan on becoming obsessed with but then do. If you need something catchy this is definitely the one!

3. Roze (forgive) – Fred Again…

“Roze (forgive)” was the song my friends and I were fixated for months straight, spanning from in the beginning of the fall semester. This song become such an important part of my fall semester very quickly. It is such an easy song to love and I do not think I could ever get tired of listening to it. Dancing to this song with my friends is one of my favorite memories. It is definitely such an underrated house song.

4.Next to Me – RÜFÜS Du Sol

“Next to Me” will be playing in my wedding. The lyrics of this song exude love and happiness. This is the song that I hold near and dear to my heart because I know one day I will be able to relate this song to a person. I am honestly so glad I discovered this song because it truly makes me so excited for the future.

5.Danielle (smile on my face) – Fred Again…

I discovered “Danielle (smile on my face)” a couple months ago while listening to another of Fred’s song named “Delilah.” “Delilah” and “Danielle (smile on my face)” are definitely sister songs. They are so similar yet I prefer this one a million times more. This song makes me happy and is so easy to dance and sing along to. In a day, I had the entire song memorized and it has been in my daily playlist ever since.

6.I See Colors – Disco Lines

“I See Colors” was a song I knew I liked in the first five seconds of playing it. I heard this song through one of my friends and instantly added it to my playlist. I truly have not had a song be this catchy yet not annoying. This is definitely one of the songs I play when running, it genuinely gets me going.

7. Help Me Lose My Mind – Disclosure

“Help Me Lose My Mind” is such a unique sounding song, I do not think I have ever heard a song that sounds like this one. The vocals in this song are amazing. This song is perfect when either driving or studying. However, I do find myself singing along when I play it.

8. I’ll Be Around – Elderbrook

I recently discovered this song and have been playing it for my post Barre drives. It is such a good song to play when you just want to relax and think. There is something about this song that makes me feel at peace and happy. Not to mention the vocals in most of Elderbrook’s songs are top tier.

9. Holding On – Disclosure

“Holding On” is the song I play on my way to my Barre class every time. It is the perfect song to get you hyped up and in the mood to work out. I truly looked for this song for two weeks straight because I had heard it in somebody else’s car and did not know the name. I was so happy when I had finally found it and it has been played every day since then. Beware that this song will be stuck in your head for weeks straight.

10. You Were Right – Rufus Du Sol

“You Were Right” is one of my favorite of Rufus’s songs. There is nothing like it and I do not think anything will ever be able to replace this song. It is definitely a must listen to. It just such a good song and easy listen. However, I do realize it is not for everyone but please give it a chance.

Regina is a first year member of the TAMU Her Campus chapter. She is a part of the Public Relations and Social Media Committee. She is so excited to write about all things beauty, fun and trendy. Beyond Her Campus, Regina is a sophomore Elementary Education Prek-6 education major from Brownsville, TX. She works as a student tutor for Reads and Counts, where she works with students of all grade levels at Southwood Valley Elementary in College Station. Regina is a big fan of the color pink, her dog Chase and Gilmore Girls! In her free time, Regina enjoys going on walks and runs. She also enjoys spending time with friends, reading and listening to music. Regina’s biggest passion is working with children and is so excited to become a future educator!