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Here’s How I Take Care of My Skin Throughout My Day as a Texas A&M Student

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Finals season is upon us, and – to put it simply – I am stressed. My days are jam-packed with school work and school work and, you guessed it, more school work. I am drowning in my workload right now and my only solace is my skincare routine.

Earlier this year, my skin was all over the place – abominably dry one moment, and pimple-filled the next. My normal cleanser was just not doing it anymore and I was left floundering for a solution. And then, magically, I stumbled upon Estée Lauder’s Nutritious 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser. And it changed my life.  

The periodic acne breakouts that I would get significantly diminished. The gaping holes that were my pores shrunk, and I was relieved to have found such a nutrient-rich daily cleanser that I could use both in the morning and at night.  

Then, pairing the 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser with the Nutritious Radiant Essence Treatment Lotion was the best decision I have ever made. It helped to balance my skin magnificently, and the desert that was my face was no more thanks to the nutrient-rich, hydrating infusion that minimizes the look of pores, helps prevent redness, and reduces excess oil. Now, my face is beautifully bouncy and nourished. 

Because these products produced such wondrous results, I decided to try the third item in the collection – the Nutritious Melting Soft Créme/Mask Moisturizer. I use this as a mask once a week and let me tell you, after I use this nutrient-rich hydrating moisturizer that calms, hydrates, and strengthens the skin barrier, my skin feels absolutely amazing. I can’t stop myself from touching my face because it is just so soft afterward!  

But because of my workload — tests after quizzes after papers — I don’t always have the opportunity to do my skincare routine in my apartment, since I’m usually in class or at the library. And, because I won’t allow my skin to backslide, I’ve taken my skincare on the go and started doing my skincare while on campus, in between my busy schedule.  

With all the extra stress that finals season has caused, I like to work out to help manage it.  Normally, I’ll go to the main rec in the morning to do some stretching and run for a bit on the treadmill. After a nice sweat sesh, there’s nothing better than cleaning my face with the Nutritious 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser, followed up with the Nutritious Radiant Essence Treatment Lotion. 

When I’m at Evans Library getting started on school assignments – and after my packed itinerary filled with classes and club commitments – I like to use the Melting Soft Créeme/Mask Moisturizer, which has helped my dry skin become more hydrated. These products help me start my morning off right, and help me continue to feel fresh throughout the day. And, because all of these products can be used both at breakfast and bedtime, it is also the perfect routine at night and allows me to truly take care of my skin throughout the entire day, no matter what it has in store.

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