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Harry Styles: Love on Tour was the best concert of my life and you can’t change my mind

Compared to others, my concert list seems short with Selena Gomez and the Scene, Austin Mahone, One Direction, and now Harry Styles. 

I am so thankful for this last-minute gift and was extremely excited before I realized that I had nothing to wear. Once that panic was eased, the excitement was back. The seats that I was given were all the way on the third deck -aka the terrace, aka if you lean forward just a little more, you feel like you are going to fall over.

After finding our seats, I was amazed that the stadium felt like I could see everything. The stage during the tours is a circle that is in the middle of the pit. There were monitors everywhere, so all angles of Harry were visible.

I think another fact to note is that Harry has curated his fandom of kind people. From the moment that I got out of the car, people were complimenting each other. Even when I turned around and went in a circle for the 10th time, no one was upset that I kept going to the wrong line.

I love complimenting people, and I am almost sure that I ran out of compliments for the year. Everyone there was dressed to impress, including me. During the concert, Harry interacted with the crowd, and I was all for it. The music was great, and I was on the brink of losing my voice by the time the concert was over.

Sometimes I’ll rewatch the shaky videos that I took. After seeing Love on Tour, I would do anything to go to another show. Something about being in the environment of a bunch of Harries and seeing someone I admire for more than their music made it one of the best concerts that I have ever gone to. I think it will be hard for someone to follow up on this show.

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