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From HELD to Harry’s: 7 Songs to Start your Ultimate College Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

As we begin yet another exciting semester filled with plenty of overdue assignments and failed talking stages, it’s time to map out your semester’s soundtrack. It’s often said that the music we listen to influences our behavior, mood, and overall perception of the world around us. That being said, what kind of semester are you looking to curate? Do you want to exude the confidence and self-possession of Elle Woods or are you looking to tune into your softer side this semester? Well, anything is possible through a quality playlist! Though the bulk of it is on you, here are seven songs to kickstart the soundtrack of your semester.

Unfortunately not Taylor’s version (yet)

Like many of Taylor’s greatest hits, this song goes all out: it’s lyrically strong with a solid message about the sad state of modern dating culture and being jaded but still finding love in other aspects of life. New Romantics is a celebration of growing up, loving your friends, and, most importantly, yourself. Your early 20s are the time to mature out of old mindsets, and Taylor advises us on that, but again, it’s all in the timing. New Romantics reminds us to roll with the punches and just have a good time; it serves as a final look back before moving on to your next big era.

Addison’s been giving Y2K popstar vibes since her post-Hype House rebrand but now she’s actually becoming one…and it’s good. Though not quite on the same level as Britney Spears’ Blackout era circa 2007, Rae’s debut EP is the kind of bubble gum pop that “online audiences ironically, and then unironically, eat up.” I got it bad is the pregame song we didn’t know we needed until now; a perfect fit for any GNO-themed playlist.

Name a more iconic scene than Elle Woods finally realizing she’s worth more than a random man’s unwarranted prejudices and opinions, all while rocking her signature blonde locks and pink uniform. Arguably the best song on the soundtrack, Watch Me Shine reminds us that we are fully capable of creating the outcome we desire, regardless of those who doubt us. So next time you consider skipping that dreadful 8 a.m., put on your headphones and remember those who paved the way.

Nothing will give you frat flashbacks faster than cheap beer and Lil Wayne. This cult classic is an Aggie’s most versatile song; it can and should be heard at every function whether that be on the way to Northgate or to your last final. The lyrics may be vulgar and corny, but I’d be lying if I said Love Me isn’t a banger. Weezy popped off with this one.

America’s most beloved emo band released their 6th studio album earlier this year after a half-decade-long hiatus and, of course, it’s a work of art. Paramore has long since evolved from pure teenage rioting to a less brash and mature angst, seemingly growing out of that internalized misogyny as we did. Now, instead of pining over a man at all costs, Haley Williams reflects and cringes at her past relationships with one in the criminally underrated song, Big Man, Little Dignity. A perfect song to scream in the car as you delete Tinder for the 4th time!

If you disregarded this entire article and only listened to the Barbie Movie soundtrack for the rest of the semester, I wouldn’t blame you; Greta Gerwig knows her audience well. While this album does feature quintessential Dua Lipa pop and an iconic performance by Ryan Gosling, it was the new nostalgic EDM of PinkPantheress that became an unexpected hit. Though sampled from an Irish Jig, her dreamy sound shadowed the somber lyrics for a cute party anthem.

Though it may not fit the vibe of any bar along University Drive, Troye Sivan has perfected the sublime sound of being on the dance floor and that intoxicating connection with your group. He’s come a long way since his indie pop debut album, Blue Neighborhood, which is the ultimate sad-boy anthem. Almost a complete 180º, Rush is an electrifying, clumpy house beat and an immersive hook. The ideal pump-up song before your next night out at Harry’s!

Catherine White is a writer at the HerCampus Texas A&M chapter. She writes about relationships, fashion, and lifestyle. She is on the Public Relations committee for her chapter where she organizes brand events and delegates merchandise. Beyond HerCampus, she writes for A-Line Magazine at TAMU where she covers topics ranging from fashion, lifestyle, commentary, and entertainment. Catherine is currently a junior at Texas A&M University, majoring in English with a minor in Technical Writing In her free time, she likes to read, hang out with friends, make collages, and write.