Five Gift Ideas For Your BFF On Her 21st Birthday

Recently, one of my best friends turned 21, or as I like to call it Twenty-Fun! This is the mother of all birthdays, so naturally you must give a gift that correlates. As I sat and racked my brain about what to get her, I thought “Hey! Why don’t I share my ideas with the wonderful readers of Her Campus!” as this is probably something you will run into soon as we reach our final years of college.


1.     Take Her on a Bar Tour:

Your best friend is now 21! Hit the bars, and buy her a beer or shot at every single one! Well…. As many as you can before things get a little out of hand! *Cough cough*

2.     Personalized Wine Glasses:

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Buy plain wine glasses, and paint them according to your friend’s personality. She will love how thoughtful and useful this gift is. Watch this easily become her go-to wine glass!

3.     Rox, The Eternal Ice Cube:

Upon visiting a buddy of mine in his home, he poured me a drink and threw in these magical cubes. In amazement, I immediately asked him for the run down on these. They are stones that you put in your wines, beers, and even coffee to bring them to the perfect cool drinking temperature, without watering the drink down (RT if you cried). Your friend will love these, and she will adore you because never again will she experience an insipid drink of any kind. You can buy these on for a cool $23.99.

4.     Drunken Barbie Cake:

This is one of my favorite sights to see on a 21st birthday for several reasons. One, because it's beyond adorable, and two, it is cake (the second reason needs no further explanation). Bake your friend a cake, and then position a disheveled Barbie doll on top of the cake. I’m talking matted hair, torn dress, one shoe missing and fallen over on the cake to emulate a drunk girl.


5.     Ultimately, I decided to go with the bejeweled alcohol bottle. I bought my best friend her favorite kind of liquor and painstakingly glued gems to the bottle one, by one, by one. It was beyond worth it to see the smile on her face when she opened it.  Here is the final result: