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Graduation is quickly approaching, and that can be scary for many people. I am fortunate enough to have another year here in college, but I know many high school seniors who are about to embark on a journey that they may not feel quite ready for. So, from a girl who is about to be a senior in college—here is some advice for a high school senior I wish someone would have told me.

 To start off, be nice to your parents. I know you cannot wait for the freedom that college is about to bring you, but you will miss them. Remember that they have sacrificed a lot for you. And everything you have done up until now was with the help of them. They will miss you more than you know, and although you may not believe me, you will miss them just as much. So, spend time with them while you still can because your childhood home will never really feel like your actual house again once you move away.

Leading off of that, spend time with your childhood friends. As much as it pains me to say it, once you leave for a couple months and make new friends in college, nothing will feel the same again. I am not saying you will not talk to anyone anymore, but just know that every one branches off and meets their own friends in college. However, this just means that whenever you do go home, the time you spend together is even more memorable.

I promise college will not make you lose all of your friends, but the major thing I wish someone would have told me is do not to follow your boyfriend. I made that mistake. And although we stayed together till the beginning of the sophomore year, when we broke up, it hurt even more because I felt like I could not do college without him. Instead of making my own friends and joining orgs alone my freshmen year, I followed him around, and we did everything together. We had the same friends, took the same classes, and even lived in the same place. I promise I am not saying that you and your boyfriend will not last, but I am saying you need to make sure you do what YOU want, not worry about what he will be doing.

The last piece of advice I have is: do not be afraid to start something new, no matter when you start. I have changed my major three times and just now found something I am passionate about. I joined my favorite org -Her Campus hehe- my junior year of college, and although that may seem late, the saying “better late than never” applies here. Do what makes you happy, and you will have a great college experience.

The moral of the story is: enjoy life. I love my college life, but I do miss how simple high school was. Do not be in a hurry to grow up and just enjoy life. College is a time to learn new things about yourself and meet lifelong friends. Don’t be so worried about what is to come and just live in the moment.

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