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Daylight Savings Time, I don’t like you. 

I miss the sun setting later and rising after 7 am. 

I miss going to work and seeing the sun peering through my rearview mirror. 

I miss walking my dog after dinner and it not being dark. 

I miss the sun peering in a little bit later, letting me sleep a little bit longer. 

Now it feels like midnight when it’s only 7 pm. 

My body thinks it’s time for bed, even though I just ate dinner.

Give me the cold weather, yes. But the sun setting at 6 pm? Absolutely not. 

Why do you even exist anymore? We don’t need you. 

Give me more sunshine. Please, I’m begging. 


The girl who hates Daylight Savings Time. 

I'm an English major who loves to read, explore the outdoors, cuddle with my dog and cook!
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