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Campus Cutie(s)! :Joshua and Nathan Blattman




Meet twins, Joshua and Nathan Blattman, our Aggie crushes for the week!

Relationship Status(es): SINGLE!


J: 19 (7 minutes older than Nathan)

N: 19



If they were a Disney Princess, the one they would be and why:

J: Ariel because she gets to wear a bikini all the time and he really likes to sing songs from this movie

N: Belle because her name means beauty and he considers himself attractive (insert cheesy wink)

Hidden talents:

J: Josh can do the wave with his eyebrows

N: Nathan is very prone to injuries, counting more than five surgeries and broken bones

Go-to karaoke song:

J: “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid

N: “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi

Celebrity crush:

J: Selena Gomez

N: Jennifer Aniston

Favorite spot on campus:

J: Courtyard in Mosher (dorm)

N: Botanical garden on top of Mitchell Physics building

Favorite tradition:

J: Silver Taps

N: Wildcat stories

Favorite TV show:

J: Psych

N: The Mentalist

Things about each other that bother them:

J: Nathan never responds to Josh

N: Josh mumbles

Howdy! My name is Angie Guerra and I am a senior Industrial Distribution major from Cypress, Texas. Some of my favorite things include the Houston Rockets, college radio, indie movies, Americana, and tennis.
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