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As a freshman, the transition from home life to A&M and finding the right balance of work and play has not been the easiest. The first semester was amazing but rough, and it definitely led to the accumulation of some not-so-good habits. So here is what I am going to change and try reallllyyyy hard to implement:

  1. Coffee IS NOT Breakfast.

Getting Starbucks at Hullabaloo Hall on the way to my 8am was super easy, but ultimately detrimental to my mind and body (and my wallet tbh). I skipped breakfast almost every day last semester, and it is not something I would recommend and definitely will not be repeating this spring. Coffee is not a meal substitute, and eating a nutritious breakfast is really important to maximize learning and have an energizing start to your day.

  1. Go to Class, You are Paying for It!!

I know everyone says this, but like really think about it. You are paying thousands of dollars a semester, for each of your classes. So, go to class, ask questions, sit up front, and pay attention! It is annoying to hear, but you get out how much you put in, so this is for YOUR benefit. Also, keep in mind the supplemental learning resources you are paying for with tuition. It may seem super inconvenient, but you have basically already paid for it, so use it to get that 4.0!!

  1. It is actually possible to not eat out every day

Repeat after me… “I will not spend all my money on Cava and Starbucks.” Great! Trust me, I know that eating out is convenient and DELISH, but it is NOT good for your health or bank account. Start small, and try making coffee at home twice a week instead of buying coffee every day. I know I was reloading my Starbucks app almost weekly, and it was getting to be second nature, scanning it daily, and I need to cut back IMMEDIATELY. I started buying more groceries this semester, got frozen fruit for smoothies, salad kits, and some trader joes meals to start off. My goal is to build up to actually cooking recipes.

  1. Get a jumpstart

I WILL be using syllabus week to get ahead on reading. I really want to make beginning homework or studying the day we went go over it in class, a priority. And that starts during syllabus week! School is basically a job, so it’s essential to hold yourself accountable and really try your hardest. A foundation of good study habits is the start of a good semester, and I am in DESPERATE need of a good semester.

  1. Guilt-free Relaxing & Distraction-free studying

I cannot stress how important this point is. 2023 is the year we stop feeling guilty for taking a break! Your mental health is important and the only way to actually recharge during a break is to actually let yourself completely step back from the work you’re doing. Don’t keep thinking about how much you have to do, don’t keep stressing over the time, just mentally check out for however long you need. Then, come back to the task at hand with a fresh mind and invigorated to get back to it. Put your phone on do not disturb (airplane mode if you really need it), have your study drinks and headphones with the best playlist going, and knock out that to-do list!

Aditi Jakkani is a second-year member of the HER Campus at TAMU chapter. As part of the Events Committee in the chapter, she helps in organizing social events for chapter members. Through these events, the chapter gets the chance to socialize and bond in a more informal environment. Her writing covers personal experiences and recommendations for college students, with a particular focus on Texas A&M students. Apart member for her time spent with HER Campus at TAMU, Aditi is currently a Sophomore General Engineering major at Texas A&M. She works in food service, as a barista at an on-campus Starbucks. Aditi hopes to work within a Technological setting, with a focus on Data Analytics or Cybersecurity, in the future. She treats her articles written for HER Campus as her creative outlet in the midst of her STEM surroundings and considers the discipline and skill derived from writing, valuable in being a well-rounded individual. She has conducted a 7-month long research project, a qualitative correlational analysis study, as the main focus of a high school course. This resulted in a research report discussing the access to environmentally ethical clothing for female adolescents and identified ethical fashion consumption barriers in suburban areas for them. In her free time, Aditi enjoys reading psychological thriller novels and listening to Podcasts. Her workout style of choice is any cardio or reformer Pilates. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially while trying new coffee shops or restaurants. Her perfect day would end snuggled up with her dog, Abby, and hopefully will add a kitten to her life soon!