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As fall is approaching very soon there are a few must-haves during the season that you won’t wanna miss out on. I mean it’s spooky season, the start of all wonderful cozy drinks, movies, hoodies, and candy corn. I mean what else could we really ask for?

There are some exciting ways to make your pumpkin spice drink even from home. All you need is to find that perfect coffee creamer of choice, preferably anything pumpkin to really get into the seasonal vibes. I usually try and find Starbucks Unsweetened Medium Roast Black Iced Coffee and mix that in with my favorite Starbucks pumpkin spice creamer. Oh, and you won’t wanna forget to put that over ice by the way! Dunkin Donuts also has really some festive fall drink options for a low price. The iced coffee drinks include Pumpkin Cream Cold brew and pumpkin spice signature latte (which is to die for, in my opinion). The one drink that I have not yet tried is the Blood Orange Dunkin Refresher. Looks like I will be making a pit stop very soon.

If you are ever wanting to have a scary movie night in you should definitely check out some of the classics.

  • Hocus Pocus
  •  Halloweentown
  •  A nightmare on elm street
  •  Friday the 13th
  • Scream

The new Hocus Pocus 2 will be released in theaters on September 30, 2022. Pre-order your tickets!

Let’s talk costume ideas…Here are a few easy costume ideas.

  • Ski Girls
  • Sun & Moon
  • Cupid
  • Rock N’ Roll

However, it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy and carving pumpkins. This would be a perfect girls night. Carving pumpkins is a fun and enjoyable tradition and a way to bond with close friends. Baking pumpkin cookies for a sweet treat is exciting. So, plan that girl’s night and get to carving those pumpkins!