An Aggie Mardi Gras

Catherine Pellerin is a sophomore business major, an executive officer for the Memorial Student Center’s Hospitality organization and a red ass Ag who loves College Station. However, just as many girls tend to miss their homes and families throughout the year, Fat Tuesday is a day that Catherine says has brought her to tears thinking about all she misses from her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Her Campus TAMU: What are the things you miss about being in New Orleans this time year?

Catherine Pellerin: Nobody has to work, so my family is able to be together all day, and we eat a lot!

HC TAMU: What kind of things do y’all eat?

CP: We eat our body weight in king cake. We also have red beans and rice, and I also miss eating crawfish this time of year since it’s in season and I can’t afford to buy that many pounds of crawfish on my college budget.

HC TAMU: What are some things you do here in college station to celebrate Mardi Gras?

CP: My apartment is decorated with Mardi Gras decorations and we eat a lot of king cake. Also, my friends and I are going to a Cajun restaurant in town tonight, so I don’t cry later. I also am wearing my Mardi Gras polo to represent! I think it’s funny, every year when I’m able to take my Texas friends home for Mardi Gras and it’s never as controversial as they expect. It’s actually a very family-oriented event—well, depending on what street you’re on.

Though Catherine might have some heartache missing her family and hometown this time of year, it’s comforting to know she has her Aggie family and a home she’s made for herself here to celebrate with as well.