The Aggie Dedication

It’s not new news that Aggies have a lot of pride when it comes to Texas A&M University.  From the traditions that make up our wonderful school, to our Aggie spirit, we show dedication in so many ways. In fact, we pretty much live for the “Gig’em” and the “whoop,” Aggie football, our beloved mascot, and, of course, maroon and white. We are one big family strung together by the maroon we bleed and the yells we scream. But if that’s not proof enough that we are the loudest, proudest, most dedicated students in the world, here's further evidence.

So, in case you missed it in the news and possibly every social media site, one of our fellow students literally took a hit for Texas A&M mascot this past weekend. During the game on Saturday when an SMU receiver was tackled out of bounds, heading straight towards Reveille, one of our very own cadets threw himself in front of her, blocking the football player from trampling our beloved mascot.  Risking his own safety to save our mascot? That sounds like dedication to me.

While on the subject of football, how about we take into account that we recently set a record for the largest student attendance at our very own Kyle Field. Not to mention, every student stood and continues to stand proudly throughout the whole game in honor of the Twelfth Man. Oh, and we also have one game dedicated solely to our school colors, where we “Maroon Out” Kyle Field (which is coming up soon, so get your t-shirts asap). While Aggie football is a huge part of our dedication to Texas A&M, it is only a portion. We are dedicated to every aspect of Texas A&M University, from the traditions, to our fellow students, and that is definitely something to be proud of. “There’s a spirit can ne’er be told. It’s the spirit of Aggieland.”