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I know many of you are probably stressing out because you don’t know what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day. It may seem like you have plenty of time, but two weeks is cutting it close for a lot of personalized gifts. Don’t worry though, as someone who’s love language is gift giving, I’ve accumulated a few gift ideas that are sure to make your loved one smile. (If you’re my partner now’s the time to go ahead and exit please.)

Burnt CD’s

I will be using this idea, but it’s just too cute to gatekeep. This gift is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with music. It would be perfect if you gathered a few songs that your partner loves, or that hold sentimental value to your relationship. I’m sure there’s places that would be willing to do this for you, but I think burning the CD yourself would make it much more intimate. It’s surprisingly simple too! You just need blank CD’s, plastic jewel cases or sleeves for packaging, purchased music, and an external CD drive (assuming your computer doesn’t have a built in CD insert. There’s plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials online that could walk you through the process. You could even customize a cover for the case on Canva for free! If you wanted to add a little extra, you could also purchase a CD player, but it could always be used in a vehicle too.

Engraved/Personalized Jewelry

As an avid jewelry wearer, I think jewelry is always a great gift if your s/o is the same way! You can honestly never go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry, especially if it’s engraved or personalized. There’s an Etsy seller, Caitlyn Minimalist, who specializes in birthstone and initial pieces that are perfect for this. She has a ring that allows you to pick two different birthstones for it, and I’m absolutely obsessed with the idea of adding yours and your partner’s to it. I also thing a subtle initial piece is always adorable. Pura Vida also recently dropped a Valentine’s collection that has a few engravable options that are so cute too. You could also always do a locket, and then add a photo of you both inside.

Custom Hoodie/T-Shirt

You can call me cheesy, but I actually love this idea. There are so many Etsy shops, small businesses, and even Amazon shops that have these products! My personal favorite has to be the “I heart my…” t-shirts, but there are also hoodies and sweatpants that have this saying on them. If you aren’t a huge fan of this though, there are products that are similar, but a bit more subtle. For example, you could get an initial embroidered on the wrist of a hoodie. To each their own, but my partner will be receiving a t-shirt that says “I heart my girlfriend” in very large letters.

Spotify keychain

This is another great gift idea for those who love music! If you could come up with a few songs that your partner enjoys or that hold sentimental value for you both, you could create a Spotify playlist with them. Once you have the playlist created, you could even add a photo and title to it. After this is done, you can order a customized keychain from Amazon that will take you straight to the playlist when scanned! You’ll be asked to submit a photo of the Spotify barcode, which you’re able to find on the app. Make sure to read the reviews to make sure it’s a reliable seller though! I’ve personally used this idea in the past and shipping was within the same week, but the sooner you order the better. If you’re not sure if your partner would enjoy a keychain, there’s also tons of options for jewelry with the same concept!

Scheduled/purchased service

This idea could be used for various different services based on what your s/o enjoys doing in their free time! It’s essentially a gift card, but a bit more personalized. For example, if your partner enjoys golf, you could purchase a voucher for X amount of holes at a course that they enjoy (pls ignore my phrasing I know nothing about golf). If your partner enjoys having their nails done, you could contact their nail tech or salon and book an appointment ahead of time for them. A pass to a climbing gym or fun class they would enjoy attending is also a good idea! This is a little more personal because you have to know what they enjoy doing, and where they usually go to do so. Most places allow for rescheduling in advance, so don’t think too much into the scheduling, it’s the thought that matters!

Regardless of what you end up choosing, Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday where you should celebrate your love. Your partner will enjoy your gift, so don’t stress about it too much! Remember to have fun with it, and get what you think works best with their personality. Also, don’t forget the flowers and handwritten note!

Sarina Garcia is a member of the Social Media Committee at the Her Campus at TAMU chapter. She enjoys writing pieces regarding the lifestyle, beauty, and fashion of college students. She also loves relating her own experiences to the articles to allow a more personalized feeling to shine through. Sarina is a junior at Texas A&M, majoring in Communications with a minor in Business. She works as a Student Desk Coordinator for TAMU ResLife, where she manages physical assets. She is also a Student Ambassador for The Black Sheep Marketing Agency, where she works on-campus marketing campaigns with various companies and brands. Along with Her Campus, she is in a women’s organization, and was Social Chair for a freshman leadership organization her sophomore year. Her future plans consist of working in Public Relations, Marketing, or Media Management. When she has time to spare, Sarina enjoys working out, crocheting, and trying iced chai at new coffee shops. She is a true crime enthusiast and an avid Spotify Discover Weekly listener. She will never turn down a reason to dress up, loves being around friends and family, and will always have a pair of headphones or earbuds with her. Another source of her entertainment is participating in Rec Sports teams and fitness classes, her favorites being volleyball, softball, and HIIT.