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7 Shopping Decisions I Don’t Regret

I don’t love to impulse shop, but it’s the way the majority of my clothes ends up in my closet. I always feel buyer’s remorse right after I shop, but I end up actually wearing the piece I bought to the point where my mom yells at me for it because they became old and raggety. Sure, I’ve made some bad financial decisions. We all have, but I’m going to tell you the ones that went right.

2790 ACOTW White Superga Platforms

I’m a short girl. My 5’2.5” self loves a pair of platforms, and these white Supergas are my go-to! You can wear them with shorts and a t-shirt, a cute dress, or even when breaking the office business-casual dress code rules just a little. I bought mine while abroad in Finland and walked about 5 miles a day in them during my stay in Helsinki. They’re comfy, cute, but still a little ~out there~ to where people will notice that your shoes are cooler than most. 

Cow Print Cowboy Hat

I impulsively bought this in the sense that I didn’t know if I actually liked it. It’s a super cool piece, but was it me? Did I want it because I liked it or because I knew I’d never see one like it again? (I bought it on Depop.) Either way, I bought it, and it was a hit. I will find any excuse to wear my beloved cow print cowboy hat. I finally can identify as a country girl at my country school. It’s nice.

Women’s 1460 Smooth Doc Martens

Buying these HURT, but I guess it’s the price you pay for being indie. They’re the perfect pair of boots for everything. 

– It’s hot outside? That’s fine. Wear some shorts, throw on a crop top, and put on your boots. 

– It’s raining? Good. Your feet won’t get wet.

– Going to a concert? Perfect. Now your toes won’t get stepped on, and if someone tries to get in front of you, you can step on theirs. 

– You’re studying abroad in Europe and don’t have access to a car? (aka me for five weeks in Helsinki this summer) That’s fine. These boots were made for walking. ;)

Quay Sunglasses

I live in Texas. It’s hot. It’s bright. I’m blind without sunglasses. I got this great pair from Quay Australia and they have their own spot on my dashboard, ready to get put on my face as soon as I get in the car. They’re a solid pair of sunglasses. I’m a big fan.

John Galt Malibu Sweatshirt

Yeah, I did buy this in part of pursuing my VSCO girl dreams. Not really, but if we’re being honest, I do really like the VSCO girl style. I’m also a huge fan of comfy clothes, so I own a lot of sweatshirts. My favorite one by far is this Malibu J. Galt Sweatshirt that I bought at PacSun. It’s oversized and simple, but the green text gives it a little bit of character. I’m actually wearing it as I write this, and if you ask anyone, there’s not many times where I’m not wearing it.

PacSun Denim

I think I only own two pairs of jeans that aren’t from PacSun and I hardly wear them. They’re pretty much always having a BOGO denim sale, and I’m here for it! Their denim is high quality, has lasted me years, and they have a good variety of different washes, colors, levels of distress, etc. so you can always find a pair for whatever outfit you want to wear. I highly recommend PacSun’s denim and I honestly don’t see myself shopping for jeans elsewhere.

Lululemon Align Joggers

Comfy to the point where I forget I’m wearing pants. I never wanted to hop on the Lulu train, but after rooming with a girl who pretty much only wears Lululemon on my study abroad (hi, Cameron) I had to give them a shot. I like Lulu! It’s expensive, but for the quality, they’re great. I love these joggers and they pair super well with a cute crop top and my Supergas! I love these joggers because while they feel like pajamas, you don’t look sloppy.

Howdy! My name is Nadia Lynn Garcia. I am the President and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Texas A&M University! I love music, concerts, travel, and graphic design, but my articles can tell you a little more about that. ;)
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