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7 Most Empowering Female Characters on TV Right Now

In honor of International Women’s Day, let’s a take a reflective look at some of the most badass women on TV right now!

1. Emma Swan- Once Upon A Time

The savior of the fictional town, Storybrooke doesn’t just look good in a red leather jacket, but she kicks evil’s ass like it’s nobody’s business. On top of being a dedicated mother who is reconnecting with her long-lost son, she is the town’s sheriff and a has a mean right hook. Emma doesn’t take crap from anyone, no matter how much magic they claim to have!

2. Donna Paulsen- Suits

Donna Paulsen transcends the stereotype that a secretary is just a pretty face that fetches coffee. She is hot-shot lawyer, Harvey Specter’s right hand. She’s his girl-Friday. Donna is all about confidence and staying true to your values, something very important in the legal world. Pearson Specter Litt is lucky to have this fiery redhead.

3. Felicity Smoak- Arrow

Although Oliver Queen is the leather-clad, arrow-wielding superhero that beats up bad guys there is no way he could save the day without the voice in his ear. Felicity is not only a tech savvy sidekick, she is the vice president of Palmer Technologies and has a killer sense of fashion. She is the definition of beauty and brains.

4. Mindy Lahiri- The Mindy Project

So many aspects of The Mindy Project is brilliantly refreshing. Mindy’s mantra throughout the series is that she can be a successful professional no matter what race, gender, or size she is. She keeps us laughing out loud and falling out of our chairs on this show! She is really an inspiration to funny women everywhere.

5. Caroline Forbes- The Vampire Diaries

Caroline has been through a lot on the show. Between being a badass vampire and kicking unworthy ex-boyfriends to the curb, Caroline shows us that you can be tough but still have a heart. She maintains cool, calm, and collected through every new obstacle. This girl really has her sh*t together, even if she is a little insecure sometimes.

6. Amy Farrah Fowler- The Big Bang Theory

Neuroscientist, funny, and adorable? That’s Amy Farrah Fowler for sure. Not only does she put Sheldon in his place all the time, but she is arguably the smartest character on the show. She is a perfect example that women can indeed excel in anything they want to do, including science!

7. Olivia Pope- Scandal

Although Olivia’s personal life is a hot mess, she has the demeanor of a certified shark in the office. She has a poker face unlike any other and her talent for managing crises is unparalleled. And don’t forget about her fierce wardrobe! Olivia shows us that as women, it’s okay to have emotions and let your guard down every once in a while without sacrificing your professional reputation. 

Erum Salam is a student at Texas A&M and an aspiring writer and producer. Her vast experience in television, radio, and print has prepared her for the rapidly converging career path she wants to pursue. She aims to write and produce content that will educate and entertain a global audience. She believes Her Campus offers young women a platform to vocalize their thoughts on contemporary issues facing us today, while also providing hilarious content in the form of listicles, blog posts, or quizzes that surely resonates with the female millennial demographic.
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