5 Years of You & Me

You & Me


Year One //

Finally, it was our turn.

You had been searching, and I waiting.

Terrifying, thrilling, please let this be it.

A war we could not confront hand in hand,

Winning unimaginable, desperate to collide.

And then,

Warm summer evenings walks,

Storytelling and dreams until sunrise,

Waiting for rain so we could dance,

Hooked with a wink, stolen by kiss.


I will love you forever.


Year Two //

Daily donuts before class,

Sneaking kisses in the halls,

“Will you go to homecoming with me?”

White dress, black suit, red heartbeats fill the night,

Awful music blaring, teenagers transgress,

Hiding from the noise in each other’s arms.

Taking on roles you didn’t ask for ­–

Big brother, exemplar, hero.

My younger siblings gained a best friend,

Competing, screaming, and laughing until dawn,

Video games became a love language.

Chopstick lessons and dim sum extravaganzas,

A translation beyond language

“Chúc mừng năm mới!”

You can say it, I know you can,

Welcome to my family.


Year Three //

Senior year begins!

Together, unstoppable, invincible,

Loving you was easy.

Day after day,

Impatient to start rehearsals,

Watching you on stage until after sundown.

Pep rally chants and spirit stick steals,

Frigid Friday night football games,

Blue and silver faces wrapped in blankets,

Spotting friends marching at halftime,

Midnight milkshakes are always the right call.

Distractions from the uncertainty shrouding us,

Where would we be in a few months?

Suddenly, “together” was in question.

Unprepared, not wanting to prepare,

Deafened by external doubts,

Shielding each other, ignore them, just pretend,

We’ll be okay.

We’ll be okay.

We’ll be okay.

A lamppost guides us in the dark,

Swirling and spinning to La Vie En Rose,

Beneath glimmers of soft light, determined to protect,

Every question was silenced.

We stand together.


Year Four //

Kisses on eyelids, nose, and forehead,

Best friends, partners, soulmates.

Pushing and pushing each other forward,

Red-eyed, sleep deprived, caffeine fiends,

Dauntless deadlines, endless exams,

Concerts are always worth missing class.

Late night drives across the state,

Giggle filled coffee stops,

Swaying and twirling in crowds,

Belting to our anthem ­–

Edge of Desire.

Understanding the world through your bright eyes,

Your soul never ceases to impress.

Artistry flowing, words weaving, music notes fluttering,

A state of awe,

We keep meeting each other.

“I still have a crush on you,”

Me too.


Year Five //

Crinkled eyes, grinning in my direction,

Immeasurable memories, smiling ear to ear,

Strangers to the cold, unrecognizable to quarrels.

Saying I love you is nose kisses every commercial break,

2am laughs while picking up carryout orders,

Our kitchen spaghetti dance routine,

And nicknames deriving from everything and anything.

A shared look carries a thousand words,

Finishing each other’s sentences,

And not realizing when we do.

Feather touches of understanding,

Lagoons of sugar cookie candles and peony petals,

Honey and vanilla bubbles,

Sweet, sweet love.

Peace is found in your hold,

Pure joy in your belly laughs,

Absolute radiance in your eyes.

Loving you reminds me I am human.

I love you,

Always & forever.