5 Ways to Boost your Confidence in any Uniform

Let’s face it: you don’t feel you when wearing a uniform. Whether it be for your job, an organization, for school, etc. Wearing a uniform can flat out be uncomfortable and oftentimes can make you feel like you are being stripped from the ability to express yourself.

For me, a uniform is apart of my daily routine. Everyday, I am either in my Khaki’s for the Corps of Cadets or am wearing a suit for my job as a Front Desk agent in the Texas A&M Hotel. Throughout my time in school, I have never went a day without going to class in my uniform and wearing a bun in my hair. With this, I believe I have become quite the expert in boosting my confidence and I would like to share my personal tips in hopes to help others who feel the same way.


1. Embracing and accepting the Uniform 

This is the number one way to feel better when wearing a uniform that makes you feel uncomfortable. First, find your motivation to wear it proudly. Ask yourself, what does it represent to you? Yes, uniforms can often be seen as an act of discipline or as a forcible measure, but that is simply not true. Uniforms are to display the values of the organization and represent what you are apart of and that alone should help you feel pride and a sense of belonging which in turn will help boost your confidence in and out of uniform.

2. A pop of jewelry 

First of all, I would like to give a shout out to my mother who has instilled in me the importance of jewelry since I was a kid. Without this, I would have never figured out that diamond earrings makes a vast difference on your appearance. It might be a small item that is easy to avoid, however, wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings can help with adding that pop you need to enhance that uniform! If you have to wear your hair up, earrings are a game changer. Period. 

3. Switching up your hair

The most crucial part of the uniform in my opinion is the hair! I often find myself repeating the same hairstyle everyday and sometimes even getting lazier with it. I spent all of my sophomore year with a straight side part bun and did not feel myself. It felt like my hair was glued to my head kind of like Danny Devito in Matilda. Therefore, I made it very clear to myself that in my junior year I would change my hairstyle. Upon this change, I started wearing more braids and making a small part in my hair. This in itself has made me feel way better about having to wear a bun and it has actually made me feel more natural. If you have to wear your hair in a ponytail, scarf scrunchies are such a cute easy accessory to add! 4. Makeup

I am not an avid makeup wearer but I do stand by concealer and mascara all day to make me feel more confident. The quick addition to either mascara, blush, lashes or lipstick can transform the way you feel about yourself. Although this is subjective and not necessary, it is something that I have found that helps me with my confidence. Some items that I live by are Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara, Tarte Shape tape, a cute nude color from Bite Cosmetics and gloss. It makes such a difference in my confidence! 5. The fit of the uniform itself

You might want to ask yourself, does this uniform even fit me right? To keep it real, both my Corps and my work uniform fit me like pajamas until I finally went to switch them out at the beginning of this year. In college, at least for most, your weight can fluctuate. Having a uniform that fits you is vital to making you feel comfortable. If it’s too loose or too tight, it’s time for a change! Changing out my uniforms has made me feel less uncomfortable and has really “snatched” my confidence back. So get up and get those uniforms changed or altered!