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It’s that time of the year when the buzzing of nature seems to hush down and the tree turns blazing shades of crimson-yellow. And, yes, the days are chiller and shorter – a hint to try out those fall recipes and drinks!

Potato pumpkin skillet

Also referred to as Sahnige Kartoffel-Kürbis-Pfanne, it a German recipe made from fresh pumpkin and potatoes. With a rich, creamy soup-like base made from speck, chili, and parmesan, Kartoffel is a warm savory dish for a slow, chilly evening dinner. For the recipe check out: https://germanfoods.org/recipes/creamy-potato-pumpkin-skillet/

balsamic mushroom ravioli

Here’s a savory mushroom ravioli with sliced mushrooms, cheese ravioli, and balsamic vinegar. Made with fresh herbs and mild spices, this ravioli adds a hint of spice and a waft of aroma for a Thanksgiving, or fall dinner. For this recipe check out: https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/mushroom-ravioli/

Orchard spritzer mocktail

Nothing hits the spot like a fizzy beverage with a medley of fall flavors: mocktail orchard spritzer. Made from apple cider and a hint of tangy pear juice and lime, this drink is a perfect way to top off a relaxing lunch or a party. For a detailed recipe & for more check out: https://www.lovetoknow.com/food-drink/mocktails/fall-mocktails

Photo courtesy of Food Network Kitchen

spiced pumpkin praline roll

Much like the classic pumpkin tart or apple pie, this Canadian-originated praline roll has a fusion of fall spices from nutmeg and cinnamon to cloves and toasted pecans. With its pumpkin flavor and creamy swirls, the praline roll is a feasible (only takes 35 minutes!) and delicious side dessert. For the recipe, check out: https://www.lifemadedelicious.ca/recipes/spiced-pumpkin-praline-roll/0cc97d6e-3ea1-4dd7-a9b4-bfe089126540

hotchpotch soup

Also known as “Hairst Bree” or Harvest Broth, this soup is a traditional Scottish soup signifying the end of summer. With lamb, shelled beans, peas, cauliflower, and carrots, this recipe is an easy way to start off the chilly morning while using up late summer vegetables. For steps and tips, check out: https://angiemilne.com/2020/08/20/hotch-potch-soup-hairst-bree-harvest-broth/

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