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5 Things to Remember During Your Lonely Nights This Fall

The fall season has arrived! We are all excited for scary movies, colder nights, and pumpkin spice. But what else is missing? It may seem that you’re missing one of the notorious moments of the year: cuffing season. Society has associated the holiday seasons with being in a relationship. You’ve probably imagined what it feels like to recieve a spooky basket as seen on Twitter or Instagram. What if I tell you there is something better than having a boyfriend/girlfriend?    As we draw closer to the holiday’s, it’s normal to feel lonely. The year is coming to an end, and naturally we want to experience those moments filled with love. Besides social media, there are other factors that can affect your feelings. These factors can be dervied from your own thoughts. You may sometimes tell yourself you need someone, but in reality we can combat those thoughts or feelings with what we already have in our lives. You can still feel love this holiday season, but just like this sentence, it starts with you. Although 2020 has made dating difficult, here are five things to remember for when you’re lonely: 

You’re Young 

The most cliché piece of advice you will hear, but will still resonate with most young women. There will be countless holidays to spend with your significant other when the time comes. These moments should be cherished with friends and family. You’ll want to cherish the funny secret Santas or group Halloween costumes. 

It’s Expensive 

The feeling of wanting to spoil that special one, I know. When it comes to spoiling, there’s a lot more than just love and affection. Gifts, trips, and expensive dinner dates can add up! Then you’re left wondering where your money has gone. 

Your Friends 
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Alright, you’ve considered it. You have thought “you know, maybe I AM ready to spoil someone. Maybe it’s not too expensive.” But you’re still single. Remember the friends you have that would love to be spoiled or gifted. Your friends should already have that special place in your heart. 

Enjoy a New Season with New Hobbies 

The fall and winter season can be long, and can’t always be surrounded by friends and family. Therefore, it’s best to embrace change. These changes can be reading a new book, writing a blog, engaging in crafts, etc. Your talents and hobbies will always be there for you.

You Are Your Own Special Person 
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Easily one of the best reminders for these moments. You are the best person to be with! Spoil yourself, gift yourself, and remember that for every holiday, you will have your own self to enjoy it with. ?


And just like that, you’re ready to take on the next few months. It’s not always easy to remember the little things in life. Sometime’s we forget about our support systems and moments we don’t think too deeply about. But it’s essential to remember that there is more to the holidays than a relationship. Your relationship with yourself will be your first priority every year, every season. 

Thank you for visiting my page! I am a communications major looking to expand my experiences in writing. I have a passion for reporting on news and current events, but here I will be able to channel my creativity. Besides writing, my favorites consist of true crime, cats, and fitness. Hope you enjoy <3
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