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5 Decisions You Immediately Regret on a Rainy Day

Rainy days at A&M don’t come often, but when it rains in College Station, it pours. Our campus is big enough to trek across on a day with good weather, so the rain definitely puts a damper on things (pun intended). You’d think that because A&M educates some of the most ingenious engineers in the world, we wouldn’t have to worry about tripping over every little uneven slab of pavement while walking around. It’s even better that our drainage system doesn’t seem to work, and puddles become so deep that my feet are completely submerged in water. By the end of the day, my feet are soaked in their own personal pools of H2O, shame, and regret. Now that we’re all on the same page, here’s a glimpse of five thoughts that are bound to run through your head on stormy day at A&M.

1. The forecast says it doesn’t rain until noon. I’ll be out of class by then, so no need to take an umbrella or anything, right?

Wrong. Wrong. I was definitely wrong.

2. The good rain boots are so freakin’ expensive. I’ll be fine without a pair. Now, where are my Converse?

Okay, so maybe a good pair of rain boots is worth the expense. Definitely ordering some when I get home.

3. Glasses or contacts today? Ugh. Contacts take too much effort. Glasses it is.

Glasses should come with mini windshield wipers. I should’ve gone with the contacts. Wait… wait. Where the hell am I? Hello? Is anyone there?

4. The bus is going to be soOoOo delayed. I should drive so I don’t have to deal with being stuffed on an overheated bus.

So I guess everyone thought it was a good idea to drive today. Late to class… yet again.

5. Weird… I didn’t see anything on TV about there being a CATEGORY FIVE HURRICANE TODAY!! People have to be crazy to venture out in this weather. I’m just going to skip. So many people won’t show that I’m sure the prof will cancel the quiz anyways.

There was still a quiz? Seriously?! Who in their right mind decides that’s okay?? I mean did you look outside?!!

Leana is a communication major journalism minor at Texas A&M University. She loves writing, food, and keeping herself busy. Leana is an aspiring broadcast journalist and plans on attending law school after receiving her bachelor's.
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