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4 Things to Keep You Safe During This Time


If you don't any already, go buy some now. Carry at all times. Use this wisely- use before eating and before and after touching absolutely anything.

Disinfectant Spray

This spray can be sprayed on handles, door knobs, or all around your room if you want. This spray will help reduce the amount of germs there are and reduce the number of germs being spread. 

Zinc Lozenges

These can be found at any HEB, CVS, or even Walmart. These are dissolvable tabs that help buid up your immune system.

Vitamin C

Just a few things to get if you don't have already to stay safe during this pandemic and help reduce the risk of getting ill.

Camryn is a junior studying Geographical Information Science and Technology at Texas A&M University. She is from San Antonio, Texas. She loves to bake, loves live music, loves taking roadtrips, dunkin donuts coffee, icees, and anything chocolate. She also loves taking pictures of anything and everything just for fun.
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