3 Different Experiences on the A&M Spirit Bus

The “Wow, So A&M” Experience:

The bus was right around the corner, and I was excited just like the rest. 


Feeling like a zombie, I was suddenly awakened.

I stepped forward, gave a mediocre "Howdy" back, and sat down. You can always tell everyone in the bus is exhausted and ready to go home, but this time, something unexpectedly changed that. 

Hullaboo, Caneck, Caneck, Hullaboo, Caneck Caneck!

That’s right. The Aggie War Hymn played and woke everyone up, including me, like a shot of espresso. Everyone was humming along, and as I looked down, I witnessed my foot tapping to the rhythm of the song… I have never felt more A&M in my life. 

Not to mention, the gig a fellow Aggie gave me as I confusedly, yet joyously, looked around me.

Did I give a gig back? Yes.

Did I word “Gig 'Em” as I gave it back? Yes…


The “What the Heck, Can I Not Balance Myself?” Experience:

It seems like this experience is so common to me every time I get on the bus, but this time, it was bad…

I stepped foot onto the bus, and of course, there were no seats to sit in. As the other students were stepping in, I was thinking of what I should hold onto.

As I reached for the top metal bar, I thought to myself, "Come on, Kitzia... You couldn’t reach it in the first place and haven’t grown since 7th grade… You’re not getting any taller.”

I placed my hand on the plastic handle on the bar above me, which was not steady at all. As the bus jerked forward, my body jerked backwards.

All of a sudden, my backpack was on a girl's face.

I don’t know if the bus driver was out of control that day or if my body had forgotten what balance was. I was holding on so tight, you could see the veins in my arm, but I guess that didn’t work because there I went again...

My hand didn’t move, but everyone behind me did. As I went back, they all fell like dominoes. When I regained my footing, the bus finally reached my destination, and I was glad to be on solid ground.

Was my hand sore the next day? Yes.

Has my body learned what balance is? Nope. 


The “How Am I the Only One on This Bus?” Experience:

I was waiting for the bus, as per usual.

As the bus arrived, I was surprised to step into an empty bus. Out of all the seats available to me, I decided to sit at the front closest to the driver.

At first, it was peaceful; however, things got a bit awkward as the seconds went by. Debating whether to talk or not, I coughed to break the silence. It seems like she was thinking the same thing because we ended up coughing at the same time. We pulled up to a mandatory stop for the route in which I thought was going to be a short one. To my surprise, it took 15 minutes. In these 15 minutes, she decided to take a quick power nap right across from me at arms distance. I smiled as she closed her eyes not knowing what to do. 

I thought, “Should I nap too?” 

Out of all days, I forgot to charge my phone, and all I had were her peaceful snores to keep me entertained.