14 Reasons Why Your Roommates Are Your Best Friends

Roommates. Something every college student endures. Whether you knew them before, or you got randomly assigned to them, they’re the people who know most about you. If you’re as lucky as I got, you get excited to see them everyday. Here are 14 reasons why your roommates are easily the best friends you’ll ever have. 


1. You have someone to stay up talking with all night.

Somehow it becomes tradition to stay up past the time you should and talk about everything, from rants about your day to boys. It’s almost as if you didn’t spend the night before talking about the same things. 


2.  You have snack buddies to go on late night food runs with.

No, you shouldn’t be getting Whataburger at 1 A.M., but they encourage your cravings and are down to go wherever with you at any time. 


3. You have gotten into fights then immediately gotten over it.

You can’t stay mad at them cause they didn’t do the dishes, 'cause who’s gonna watch TV with you while procrastinating homework?


4. Y'all act like y'all haven’t seen each other in years after a break.

I know Spring Break was only a week, but I missed having someone to talk to, eat with and bother everyday.


5. You always have a shoulder to cry on, and you don’t even have to leave your apartment.

If they cry, you cry. If you cry, they cry. They’re your rock and your therapist. 


6. When something happens, they’re the first people you tell. 

Got a bad grade? Got that internship you wanted? Brad acting up again? They’re always there. 


7. They understand your weird quirks and habits and don't judge you, 'cause they have their own.

They don’t say anything about you liking warm milk in your cereal, or how that's the 5th time you watch that episode in a week, they just go with it.


8. They’ll tell you the truth… even if it’s a bit harsh.

Trust me, they will let you know that it is not okay when Brad decides to leave you on read for the 3rd time that day and they’ll let you know if you don’t look good in something.


9.  Getting ready to go out together is more fun than going out. 

Putting on makeup, dancing to music, and figuring out what to wear is way more fun doing it together. 


10. But going out with them is the best.

They know your limit, and you know theirs. And y'all can act as crazy as you want together.


11. Y'all are each other's moms and family.

They’re there when you’re sick, sad, haven’t eaten or need some support and vice versa.


12. They’ve seen you at your worst and still love you.

From late nights, early mornings, hangovers and panic attacks. They’ve seen you at rock bottom, and they’ve seen you at golden peak, and they love you even more than before. 


13. They understand you better than anyone.

They get your humor, they can tell what you’re thinking by a single look and know just what you like when it comes to preferences.


14. You can’t imagine living with anyone but them.