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The World’s Most Awful Tinder Pick Up Lines

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Ladies, you may have heard the overused break up advice, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea.” The same can be said about Tinder. There’s plenty of fish on Tinder from the sweet talkers to the straight forward do*chebags, from the aspiring poet to the not so creative guy who uses overused pick up lines that have never worked. However, one thing is for sure the lines you get are always entertaining, and sometimes creative enough to earn a response. We’ve compiled a list of conversation starters we’ve actually received on Tinder. Although none of them have earned the guy a date, they all gave us a good laugh.


Damnn Mammii”– Seriously? I still don’t understand why people use “mammi” or “pappi” as a term of endearment. Not sexy, just creepy.

#Winning– Okay, didn’t realize I matched with Charlie Sheen. Enjoy your tiger blood alone, next!

The swipe felt right– It did. I think I saw fireworks in the distance.

So i’m on here to have fun, hbu? You could do better than that, slick.

I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and I together ;) I like to pick my nose in photographs.

“If you were ground coffee, you’d be Espresso cause damn, you so fine. Not going to lie, this one almost got me.

Threesome Creep.

Marry meWhere’s my ring?

We should hangout sometime Or not.

“Good evening doll. How are ya?? :) Scott Disick????

What ya up to good lookin?? Painting my toenails, handsome.

Hey there pretty girl:) Suddenly I feel five years old.

Snapchat? **Quickly sends sexy photo of me and my 9 chins, and glasses**

You have an unreal body I know.

Are you super tall or are your friends just really short? Or are you just really skinny? I guess you could say, because im 6’5” and 140 lbs, my friends seem a little short.

Your ass is mine today” Well give it back!

Not trying to be a creep or anything but you’re gorgeous If you have to add “not trying to be a creep” to your pick up line, there is a problem.


Hey babe, I like your style Thanks, sometimes I even like to wear pants.

What’s up homey” Nothing much, what’s up with you, bro?

Whats the deal honey buns? Y’all like poptarts?” Not only do I love poptarts, I may have just found true love on tinder.

Hey by any chance do you have a twin? No? I knew you were the prettiest girl in the world” I had to give this guy props. This was actually really clever.

*Name one* and *Name two* matching on tindahh, whats it gunna take to wrap ya round my fingahh, maybe dinner or maybe dancing, next thing ya know the two are out romancin” If a guy raps to you and you don’t know whether to keep talking? If he’s Vanilla Ice status, drop him. If he’s Marky Mark status, tell him you dig his good vibrations.

I lost my library card, can I check you out instead?” No.

Well someone pass the tartar sauce cause you’re quite the catch” Who actually uses tartar sauce?

Needless to say, Tinder boys have some interesting things to say. And boys, remember us girls are more likely to answer if you say something more creative than “don’t tell our kids we met on tinder.” 


**currently on hiatus for the Spring '15 semester, return date is unknown** ************************************************************************* Nikee, 20, sophomore at the University of Tampa. Former HC UT vice president, 2014-2015 Former HC UT Social Media Director, 2013-2014
Brianna is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, studying journalism. She is the current Vice President of HerCampusUT. When she is not writing, or reading, she enjoys soaking up the Florida sun, and rubbing it in the faces of her friends who live up north via Snapchat. You can often find Brianna biking on Bayshore, at a country concert, or in front of the TV bawling over the Bachelor.