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Why You Should DUMP Your High School Boyfriend

I know everyone is wondering, yes I just broke up with my high school boyfriend. After my freshman year of college. And here’s why you should break up with yours BEFORE college. Learn from me my queens.

I started dating him in December of my senior year, but he had already graduated from high school so I was like, “yes he’s older, he’s more mature, this will work out, lets go.” We met in Germany, where I lived, and we did long distance for a loooong time until he transferred to my college. When he got to my university, things were different, obviously.

The person you are in high school is not the same person you are after high school, whether you go to college or your life takes you elsewhere. Going to college with a boyfriend only prohibits you from doing what you want. Speaking from personal experience, as well as stories I’ve heard and seen from my friends, boyfriends will dismantle a college experience. I will never say that it absolutely does not work, but here’s why it doesn’t work.

Having a boyfriend when you’re 18, before going to college limits you from meeting someone who you work better with! This is a result of having such a small population of men to choose from in your hometown.

If you plan your life around someone and something happens like you change your major in college, or they go to a different college, that can completely derail your life plan, and that’s hard to mend, and will definitely start an argument.

Here is some anecdotal evidence - I changed my major to Sport Management and my boyfriend was just NOT okay with me spending so much time around guys, even though it is an extremely male-dominated industry, and I was not going to change my career path based on that.

Finally, FIND YOURSELF! Find what makes you happy, and what makes you driven, and what you want out of life without having to consider another person, who needs to do the same. I am a firm believer in doing exactly what you want and nothing less! Move to London, get your Masters, buy that over-the-top planner! It’s Hot Girl Semester! Get on board!

Mackenzie is currently a junior at The University of Tampa studying Sport Management and International Relations. She is originally from Kailua, Hawai'i, but graduated high school in Stuttgart, Germany. Her passions include travel, travel, travel! She also loves to watch the USWNT win world cups and Simone Biles do triple doubles. Wanna follow her adventures around the globe? Follow her on Instagram - @mackenzie.cooper
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