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Yeah girl, I had the same thought pop in my head before as well, and I am only a freshman… But you have to realize that you came to college for a reason and you can finish it. You dedicated time and energy into fulfilling those college applications and got accepted because you belong in the university! You did it by yourself. The admission office approved your application because they saw something different in you that you could contribute to your university. So don’t doubt yourself! If you don’t have anyone that will tell you, I am here to tell you that you can finish your college career. You are bright, youthful and intelligent. You are worthy of becoming the best version of yourself. Doesn’t matter if you finish in 4 years or 6, you are working towards something and that alone is honorable. There is no timeline for your future/career. 

As I learn more and more about the journey of any medical student or pre-health student, I start to realize that the reality of a gap year is something that can happen. Learning from other former UT students, a gap year might not be the worst thing. When I first thought of a gap year, I viewed it as something negative. But, eventually, in these past weeks of college, the idea of a gap year in between school to truly find yourself and give yourself time to menatlly prepare for the future is not a bad thing. Everyone comes into college on the path to try to finish everything all at once and doesn’t truly give thought to a gap year. A gap year alone can be a wonderful thing anyone can do to themselves.

 If you feel overwhelmed, take less classes. Become a part time student instead of full time. Bring in the idea of a gap year as an option if you feel at your lowest. 

But just remember, you can do anything you put your mind to. Ask questions, look around, be nosy. Use all the resources you can in any university to help further your choice of even dropping out. You deserve to graduate regardless of how long it takes. Succeeding is something personal – a gratification to yourself. It is better to learn the material and truly be invested in something than not. You can do it, I believe in you and you should believe in yourself as well. 

Hi guys ! Its Kristine. I am currently a Allied Health major on a PA track. I am from New Jersey and have lived there most of my life. I needed a change and some hot weather so I decided to pack my things and make Tampa my new home!
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