Why You Need to Watch Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope. That’s it.


Okay but really, besides the amazing character growth and gay penguin weddings, Parks and Rec has to be one of the best shows of our generation.

With iconic quotes to share with your closest girl-friends, “Ann, you beautiful tropical fish. You’re smart as a whip and you’re cool under pressure”,  Parks and Recreation is filled with female empowerment and modern humor that will make you laugh for hours on end.

For the female empowerment, Leslie Knope is the perfect role model for impressionable girls. In one particular instance (Season 5 Episode 11), there was a scene where Leslie and April Ludgate (also known as Satan’s Niece) fight local government sexism by joining the garbage department in order to fight for equal rights for both genders.

In season 2 episode 3, Leslie Knope took a stand against beauty pageants. Besides the fact that they’re inherently sexist and tend to focus on women’s appearances, Leslie not only supported the beautiful winner, but she stood up for the “Susans of the world”.

And she’s just relatable as hell.


Like, brownies are sick. Gender equality. Super sick. If you’re a feminist (which like, you should be one) and can appreciate good comedic moments with meaningful storylines and characters, you’ll definitely enjoy this show.

This entire series means so much to me, and you better get on Netflix right now and start watching-you won’t regret it.