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  1. Independence

Living in a different country will teach you how to organize yourself and not depend on family to help you with things. You learn how to be on your own, organize your study time, and also balance it out while enjoying yourself.

  1. Meet different people from over the world

You get the opportunity to meet different people and make friends with people from all kinds of different cultures while learning about their countries and customs.

  1. Helps with competing in the global market

Experiencing studying in a different country will later on set you apart from the students who were studying locally. The skills and characteristics you learn while studying in another country will give you an advantage when applying for jobs for your career.

  1. New challenges

Being in a different environment will enable you to see and do things you would never do at home. You will be open to trying new foods, hearing different kinds of music, going to local activities, and exploring everything else the country’s culture has to offer.

Hey. My name is Angela Muriithi. I am a management major from Kenya. I am a friendly, extroverted and loyal person.
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