Friends on hillside

Why Everyone in Their 20’s Should Travel Abroad at Least Once

Why wait for retirement when you can go now? Every person in their 20’s should have some experience outside of their home country, whether it be living outside of the country, studying abroad, or a vacation. Here are five reasons why: 

1. Step outside of your comfort zone

For many of us in our 20s, we have never truly been on our own. We may have gone away for college and have our own apartments off-campus, but we still have our family as a safety net.  Going abroad to a place where your family can’t get to you in a few hours, by plane, train, or car ride, while scary at first, can be very liberating. It is a great way to continue the journey of finding yourself and figuring out what type of person you are and what you like outside of your upbringing.

2. Experience a different culture

Try new cuisines, learn a new language, experience nature, visit different museums and landmarks. There are so many great things out in the world that you’d never know you love if you don’t venture out to discover them.

Stone on mountainside Original photo by Amanda Hart

3. Gain a new perspective on life

Venturing out of the country on your own allows you to gain a better perspective on life and situations you probably never thought of while at home. Life outside of the US is extremely different. Traveling to new places can open your eyes to different views and situations that may change the way you think or choose to live when you get back home.

People with signs at parade Original photo by Amanda Hart 4. Learn to accept cultural differences

Gain perspective on life and accepting cultural differences goes hand in hand. While out on your own in a foreign place you will encounter so many concepts, ideologies, and laws that you have never encountered at home. While you may disagree with some living in that culture may help you better understand and appreciate the differences.

5. Make memories and friendships that last a lifetime

Being abroad allows you to make so many wonderful memories that you would have never had if you chose to stay home. My time abroad allowed me to make friends from multiple different countries and backgrounds that I may not have met had I stayed home. Even if you are only abroad for a short while it is definitely a great networking experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Friends on hillside Original photo by Amanda Hart