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Throughout history, people have found ways to categorize different personality types. One of the earliest examples of this was the Four Temperaments, which was developed by Hippocrates in Ancient Greece. The Four Temperaments are: 


💙 Traits: Easy-going, open-minded, friendly, peaceful, intuitive, goes with the flow

🌊 Element: Water 

❄️ Season: Winter 

🐬 Animal: Dolphin 


💛 Traits: Optimistic, outgoing, sociable, charismatic, fun-loving, thrill-seeking

🌬️ Element: Air

🌸 Season: Spring

🐶 Animal: Dog


❤️ Traits: Ambitious, driven, goal-oriented, confident, hard-working, can be stubborn

🔥 Element: Fire

☀️ Season: Summer

🦁 Animal: Lion 


💚 Traits: Organized, thoughtful, logical, detailed, artistic, analytical, serious 

🌎 Element: Earth 

🍂 Season: Autumn 

🦉 Animal: Owl 

As for me, I’d say I’d consider myself mostly phlegmatic.

My name's Chrissy, I'm a 2024 graduate and Writing Major/Linguistics Minor at the University of Tampa. When I'm not writing, I enjoy listening to music, swimming, meditating, reading, and good vibes.