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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

As I continue pushing through this week of midterms, there’s something that I’ve needed more than ever: coffee. One of my favorite ways to start my day on a positive note is to get my coffee from one of my favorite spots. The caffeine and momentary time to myself sets me up to succeed in whatever I have planned for the day. These coffee shops get me through some of my not-so-hot moments, and will surely provide you with your new favorite latte, or a least a new study spot!

Buddy Brew Coffee:

This Tampa classic is one that almost everyone can agree on, and is a must have when discussing relevant coffee shops in the area. Buddy Brew has many different locations, but I prefer the one in Oxford Exchange or the downtown location. This is my go-to coffee shop when I’m looking for a simple latte, which, for me, means an iced caramel latte with almond milk.

Spaddy’s Coffee Co.: 

Spaddy’s is a spot I have just recently discovered, but have quickly fallen in love with. This Seminole Heights coffee truck and outdoor space provides just the right amount of serenity needed to regather and collect your thoughts before taking on the rest of the day. Indulge in one of their lattes or seasonal drinks and take some much needed relaxation in their outdoor seating space.  

The Blind Tiger Cafe:

The Blind Tiger is a classic that I always seem to forget about, but it still remains one of my favorites. In my opinion, they have the best almond milk iced caramel latte in the area. The coffee is strong, but doesn’t taste too strong, which is usually my preference. Their Ybor and Soho locations are equally as good, so I definitely recommend stopping by if you’re in either of those areas. 

The Lab Coffee:

This coffee shop has become one of my go-to’s for chai lattes, which happen to be one of my favorites, especially during the fall season. Living in Florida can be hard during the seasons and holidays because of the weather, so a nice chai or seasonal drink can help get you in the spirit and ready for fall. If you aren’t a chai-lover, their lattes are just as good! 

King State: 

King State is a space that I find myself attending more for the ambiance, and less for the coffee. Don’t get me wrong, their coffee is amazing, but the shop itself is even better. It has a very industrial feel, but the employees and inspirational signs covering the walls help to add a safe and comforting feeling for the customers. This is definitely a place I recommend if you are looking for a more relaxing environment to indulge in your coffee and good conversation.

Emma is a Senior Advertising and Public Relations major and Women and Gender Studies/Journalism minor at The University of Tampa. She loves the beach, graphic design, photography, and traveling.
Amanda Thompson is a native of Portland, Maine who is currently a Senior studying Communications at The University of Tampa. When she's not binge-watching New Girl, you can find her dancing around to Jhené Aiko, Lana Del Rey or Kehlani. If you want to keep up with Amanda, follow her on Instagram @amaandathompson