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What’s Really Going on, Why You Should Be Angry as F*?!

Pay attention & get ready to take notes

In the United States, there are 200 ICE detention centers. This number includes those in jails, privatized facilities, and juvenile detention centers. There is a long history of subpar medical care, mistreatment, abuse, and direct comparison to Nazi concentration camps. Three weeks ago, a whistleblower named Dawn Wooten, from the Georgia ICE detention center reported forced hysterectomies taking place within the facility. In one interview, Wooten reported that some of the women within the facility recognized the doctor at fault, Dr. Mahendra Amin, as the “Uterus Collector,” which is utterly repulsive, inhumane, and in direct connection with the level of evils of the Nazi regime. This horrific act is being conducted in attempts to distort and disconnect families, tear groups apart, and dehumanize the population within the jails. 

The hysterectomies are forced sterilization, sometimes done while the woman at hand is unconscious, over-medicated, or not consenting at all. This use of control over reproductive rights has historical ties to white supremacy against a variety of minority populations, including that of enslaved African American peoples, Native women on reservations, prisoners, mental health patients, and disabled peoples. These evils are committed with intent, done purposely to instill fear within these communities, and are a right-wing tactic used as a perfect overview of 2020’s “great powerful America”. As stated in an IFWHENHOW post, “…[we as Americans] condemn a carceral and immigration system in which forced sterilization is not a failure, but a feature of its design”. 

On top of the evils inflicted upon women in particular within the ICE centers, there are no social distancing guidelines in place, none are even remotely possible considering the conditions in which the PEOPLE within the camps are forced to face. Children are grouped with hundreds of other children in cages, moms separated and given forced medical procedures, families completely dispersed and disconnected against their will. 

We are to the point in America where there is no “I stand for _______, but am not involved in fighting for it.” There is no room for mediocre support, mediocre fights. You cannot call yourself a humanitarian, a feminist, a person who values free will, all lives, or equality if you are not actively doing all you can to educate, dismantle systems of oppression and abuse of power. Performatism and half a** Instagram posts are out of the question. Be mad. Be rightfully angry as f^ck. Make a change because you CAN. 

Kahaloha Whitt is a first-gen dual major in Psychology and Criminology at the University of Tampa with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. Showcasing her love for the environment, passion for equality between genders, and equity in government, her articles take on these topics, challenging her readers to take part in wellness. If not studying, she can be found hiking, making unnecessary amounts of playlists & spending all her money on plants (a habit that needs to be dropped). drink more water & love one another! ✿
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