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What your favorite childhood show says about you

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Gen Z was blessed with so many great children’s shows, thanks to Disney and Nickelodeon. As I have gotten older, I have found that fans of these shows share extremely specific quirks and traits. Although my assumptions are backed up by no research or evidence, I strongly believe that I can accurately point to specific qualities that relate to Gen Z children’s shows.  

Here is my list of childhood shows and traits that I associate them with:


If you were a fan of iCarly, you are fully internet-obsessed. In high school, you loved taking Buzzfeed quizzes with your friends. You have a fondness for bean bag chairs and can often be seen rocking a pair of low-rise jeans. In the past, you secretly purchased off-brand Uggs and hoped nobody could tell the difference. You currently love to go thrifting and have super creative and artistic hobbies, such as crocheting or building Lego sets. Your water bottle and laptop are fully decked out in stickers.

Wizards of Waverly Place

If you were a Wizards of Waverly Place fan, you were an avid Tumblr user and owned Galaxy print clothing at one point. You played with Ouija boards and would scare your friends with “Bloody Mary” lore in the school bathroom. Your first job was in the restaurant industry, most likely a server. People often compliment your eyes, and your unique taste in fashion is inspired by your strategic Pinterest boards. You never leave the house without a crossbody bag.

Drake and Josh

As a Drake and Josh fan, you love watching A24 movies. Your personality is very calm and nonchalant. However, you love to play harmless pranks on your friends. You often steal jokes from stand-up comedians and retell them as if they are your own. You also wear a ton of graphic t-shirts and snack on cheese puffs. You prefer mountains over the ocean. In high school, your favorite class was chemistry, but only because you liked blowing things up. Whenever you need to go on a grocery run, you go straight to Trader Joe’s despite hating the parking lot.

Zack and Cody

If you watched Zack and Cody, you have always wanted to study abroad and maybe even participate in Semester at Sea. At sleepovers with your friends, you would pretend to talk in your sleep. Everyone knew you were awake. You love enjoying a delicious grilled cheese. You are extremely witty and outgoing; many people are charmed by your friendly personality. In 2015, you used to wear a pink Fitbit and participate in niche athletic hobbies like pickleball and frisbee.


No offense, but if you watched Victorious, you were definitely the bully in school. I’m sure you are nice now, but there was a moment when you needed to release your inner Jade. In middle school, you made your mom take you on a shopping spree at Hollister on numerous occasions. You loved watching RCLBeauty101’s YouTube channel, but now you find yourself watching Tarayummy edits on TikTok. In your college classes, you shop online instead of listening to lectures…and don’t care who sees it.

Hannah Montana

If you were a Hannah Montana fan, you definitely shopped at Justice. You got highlights in your hair the second that your parents allowed you to. Gold jewelry is always a must, and you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing silver. You always wear slippers or fuzzy socks around the house. You are also a concert junkie and somehow always find yourself running into celebrities. How do you get the best concert tickets every single time? Your favorite drink from Starbucks is a strawberry acai refresher, and you probably own the lavender Stanley cup.

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