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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Keep fighting, 

Don’t back down. 


Hate may spread,

But we will not be defeated. 


Come together,

Put our differences aside. 


You never know when you’ll need help, 

Be there for the underdogs.  


Show no weakness,

Trust will protect. 


Defend the unheard, 

Defend the unseen. 


Because we won’t, 

Because we can’t,

Back down.

Naomi is a Senior Musical Theatre major at The University of Tampa. Her dream career is working in Film, TV, and Broadway. Currently, she resides in Florida, but hopes to live on the West Coast after graduating. She would also love to visit Oaxaca, MX, where she is from. In her free time, she enjoys drinking iced coffees, walking her dog with her family, and watching Netflix.
Jalyssa is a Senior at the University of Tampa and the President of Her Campus at UT. She has worked with issues of human rights and advocation since high school. She is passionate about helping others, writing, and speaking up for those who can't advocate for themselves. Jalyssa's other interests include roller skating, art, music and make up. She hopes to one day become a criminal defense attorney.