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kate mckinnon in barbie movie
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Unique Alternatives to Popular Halloween Costumes: 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

It is that time of year to scrummage through your closet and spend hours on Amazon to try to find whatever you can to create the perfect Halloween costume. I have curated a list of unique alternatives that will help make your costume stand out. 

  1. Princess and The Pauper: 

Instead of dressing up as classic Barbie with pink pants, a pink top, and a cowgirl hat, go for the older Barbies from Princess and The Pauper. For Erica, I would recommend getting a blue corset and white bloomers and adding her signature blue choker necklace. Then, for Princess Anneliese, the same but in pink and with a little gold crown.

  1. Moulin Rouge: 

If you are looking to put a twist on the classic Great Gaspy Costume, try Moulin Rouge. For this, I would recommend getting a red or black corset, a little bow tie, a hat or headband with big red, black, or gold feathers, and black stockings. 

  1. Miss Congeniality:

Instead of doing Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries (2001), try Gracie from Miss Congeniality. For this costume, all you need is a long pink dress, a leg strap to put a toy gun, and a sash to write federal agent on it. 

  1. Juliet

If you were thinking of doing a fairy or angel this year, I would recommend Juliet from Romeo and Juliet (1996). This costume only requires a flowy white dress, white sneakers, tiny angel wings, and a long gold necklace. This would also work as a good couple’s costume. 

Instead of dressing up in a basic costume this year, take my advice and try a unique approach to classic costumes.

Madison Loscalzo is Vice President and Head of Social Media for Her Campus at The University of Tampa. She plans and designs social media posts for the Instagram and TikTok. Madison also communicates and assists with organizing events and meetings. Madison is an advertising and public relations creative major with a minor in film and media. Madison does freelance photography and videography. While also being a content creator for Academic Studies Abroad and University of Tampa Communication Department. Madison enjoys writing articles about travel, lifestyle, and holiday activities. In her free time she does pilates, spends time outdoors, and volunteers as a foster mom for puppies.