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The Ultimate Guide to Level-Up Your Quarantine Care

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to get through this thing called quarantine… (If you didn’t read that in Prince’s voice please humor me and go re-read it again)

Well, well, well, here is a list of items I use everyday that have changed my life for the better. It’s a mix of skincare, productivity, food, and random things but trust me, they’re all GOLD!


  • Iconic Face Steamer

Being back in Minnesota for quarantine has been like a drought to my skin compared to the natural South Florida humidity I was used to. Not only does this steamer help with dryness, it also benefits opening pores to make cleansing easier and more efficient. It promotes better circulation and collagen production. PLUS, it’s just down right relaxing. 


This one is under $40 on Amazon with over 900 4.5 star reviews!


  • LED Light Therapy Mask

I was introduced to LED light therapy when my facialist started using it on me to help with the healing of scars from a car accident and acne. Obviously, I can’t go see her for treatments during quarantine, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I may look like Freddie Krueger in bed watching the Real Housewives of NYC, but hey, that’s showbiz baby!


Here’s two different option for your price range at Sephora and Dermalight


  • Aperol Spritz (21+) 

Who would I be if I didn’t put this on my list? Call me basic but if you know me you know this has been my holy grail drink forever. It’s also fool proof to mess up, just grab a wine glass, add ice, Aperol and Prosecco (I prefer 60-40 ratio but it’s up to you), a little club soda, and finish with an orange slice. Boom. So easy, so delicious.


  • Essential Oil Diffuser 

Raised by a Karen, you know I am all about essential oils and their benefits. I’m going to keep it short, but if you don’t already know about the benefits of essential oils here’s a great article that goes into detail! (P.S. thank you Mum for introducing me to essential oils, ignore that Karen thing, it was a joke.)


I’ve had this diffuser for over 3 years and it still works like it’s brand new!


  • Magnetic False Lashes

Being honest with y’all I’m not the best at makeup nor do I like to spend a lot of time on my “everyday” look. I prefer a CC cream, blush, and mascara for my go-to look 90% of the time. I had eyelash extensions for about a year and then decided they weren’t for me because I need my eyemask when I sleep and it rubs them off. My natural lashes are blonde and stick-straight, AKA non-existent without anything on them. Trust me, THESE LASHES ARE IT!!! No glue, no hassle, full volume, and you can take them off to put your sleep mask on.


They’re on sale at Sephora’s VIB sale right now too!


  • Food Combining

Almost a year ago I found Kenzie Burke on instagram, and WOW I am so thankful that I did. I’m gluten-free and dairy-free and I really struggled with cooking recipes that were new, different and plant based to nurture my body mindfully and respectfully. I bought Kenzie’s 21-Day Reset and continue this lifestyle today. 

Her social media is inspirational AF, not only has she changed my diet but also my spiritual and fitness routine too.


She now has two programs on her website to check out!


  • Barefoot Dreams COZYCHIC Throw

There’s a reason why the Kardashian’s have had this blanket in every one of their houses for years… it’s simply the best. The design comes in 4 neutral color options and it’s made from 100% polyester microfibers. Beware, once you buy this throw you’ll probably buy their socks and cardigans too, because who doesn’t want to be wrapped up in cozy materials 24/7?


You can find the blanket here!

I hope this list helps you, and if you end up buying and LOVING any of these items tag me on Instagram @simplicikate so I can see!




Kate is a Junior at the University of Tampa. Studying Sports Management, she is a big advocate for women in sports. A Minnesota-native turned Floridian, she enjoys spending her time traveling, trying new foods, and changing her outfit for everything and anything. To keep up with her beach trips, sporting events, and food favs follow her on Instagram @simplicikate
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