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The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Look

Remember those "starter packs" memes on Instagram...

Well, I decided to create a guide for those of you who want to improve your environmental imprint. Here are the essentials for the sustainable fashionista.

1. Produce Knit bag

Because you never hide what's in your bag... clean, healthy and REAL foods/snacks only!

2. Portable (Foldable) Straw

This set is from a local vendor in the Downtown Tampa/UT area. 

3. Eco-Friendly Utensils Set

Those plastic utensils you're given when ordering take-out are LAME and easily add to landfills. Get yourself some reusable utensils, they're easy to travel with and really make a difference. 

4. Faux Fur 

A real environmentalist goes Vegan, and never wears anything that hurts or affects any creature. 

5. A Stylish Water Bottle

The cuter the better. Not to mention you can get it filled at every restaurant so you never have to buy another water bottle ever again. 

And there's your starter pack, hope it helps get you started without ruining your fit. 

Emely is a rising junior at The University of Tampa. She studies advertising and PR with a focusing on digital marketing. When she isn't bumping to J Cole, Drake or Aventura she's reading up on anything astrological, or editing photos for her food IG. As a New York City native, she loves exploring the cities micro-neighborhoods for their cuisine, music, and fashion. If you want to know more about Emely, follow her on Instagram - @aemiliatertia - or Twitter - @ThatEmely
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