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Traveling Abroad the Guide to Not Looking like a Tourist 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

There are several reasons not to look like a tourist when you are traveling abroad. One of the main reasons is to help you avoid being targeted by scammers who may try to pickpocket you or trick you into buying their products. Another reason to blend in is to help you feel more immersed in the culture. That way, you are getting the most out of your experience. 

When I have been abroad, I have experienced what it is like to be approached by scammers. This also happens when walking through plazas that are near the main tourist attractions, as all of the restaurants have men or women outside trying to convince you to come to their restaurant. This is an issue because if they know you are from another country, they may try to rip you off. For example, European countries do not tip however, if you are dining near a tourist attraction, many servers will ask you if you would like to add a tip. This is because they know they can trick those who might not realize that tipping is not part of European culture. If this happens it is a sign that you are not blending in. So keep reading to be a pro traveler.

The way you dress is the biggest giveaway that you are a tourist. Therefore, lose any of the following shirts; a floral button-up, a t-shirt with a name of a city in the country you are in, or a graphic or flag printed on it, or any t-shirt that advertises a high school or college sports team. For pants, make sure not to pack any khaki shorts, cargo pants with lots of pockets (not including the trendy low-rise cargo pants women have been wearing), and any floral wrap skirt unless it’s for a beach day. Also, I would advise you not to bring your athleisure as in many countries it is only worn when actually going to workout. Be sure to never leave your hotel, Air BnB, or hostel in socks and sandals. Therefore, keep your big straw or safari hat at home. 

Now that we have established that we can discuss some things you can wear to not look like a tourist, my advice is to look into the fashion trends for the country you are going to. This is because countries like France and Italy have a more elegant and fancier style than countries like Germany, who dress more casually on a day-to-day basis. I would suggest packing more neutral colors that can be layered in various ways. I believe it is essential to bring some kind of blazer to wear at night to help elevate your outfit. More essentials include a midi dress, white button-up, wide-leg trousers, and straight-leg jeans. It is also important to include at least two statement pieces for nice dinners; these can be as simple as the classic black dress or any trendy pieces. Shoes will make or break your experience. A dead giveaway that you are a tourist is wearing your 6-inch heels on cobblestone streets. Instead, bring your black booties, a chunky heel, and retro sneaks. Go for a trendy but classic cross-body bag instead of a fanny pack. 

Now you know the formula for creating the perfect travel wardrobe. It is not always the easiest to blend in as a local; however, with these tips, you will be looking and doing your best to do so.

Madison Loscalzo is Vice President and Head of Social Media for Her Campus at The University of Tampa. She plans and designs social media posts for the Instagram and TikTok. Madison also communicates and assists with organizing events and meetings. Madison is an advertising and public relations creative major with a minor in film and media. Madison does freelance photography and videography. While also being a content creator for Academic Studies Abroad and University of Tampa Communication Department. Madison enjoys writing articles about travel, lifestyle, and holiday activities. In her free time she does pilates, spends time outdoors, and volunteers as a foster mom for puppies.