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I don’t like water, I will drink anything else than water if I have options. To a point where I can go days without water and after a few days I wake up in the middle of the night with the worst dried throat ever and HAVE to drink water. I would also get horrible headaches.

I know what water is good for, I know all its benefits and why we all should drink of water, I just didn’t find it important (I’m a fool).

These are the things I do to start drinking more water.

1. When you go grocery shopping just buy water. No soda, juice or anything; just water. This will obligate you to drink your meals with water.

2. Bring your reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go. Refill it with more water when necessary *wink*

3. Only ask for water in restaurants. —Honestly, this will save you money and save your life *dramatic music*

That’s it. The amazing thing is you start noticing the benefits instantly. It is like we were meant to drink water *mind blows*. 

Overall benefits:

* Gives you energy and increases brain activity

* Helps you maintain and lose weight

* Flushes out the bad ucky stuff (toxins)

* Improves the appearance of your skin

* You get sick less, it boosts your immune system.

* Helps prevent and alleviate headaches.


So yes drink your water; get more beautiful inside and out!

My full name is Melanie Di Candelaria Lopez. I was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I have two siblings, I am the middle one. I love sports and keeping myself active. I have been a volleyball player for over 14 years. I have exceptional artistic abilities. I love philosophy. I am very optimistic. I am studying marine biology. I am in love with the ocean, I always say it to be my first love.
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