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Hedonism is defined as the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence. Basically, short term pleasure. Activities to indulge in hedonism include relaxing in the sun or on the sofa, or taking a small walk outside to get some fresh air. New research suggests a way to achieve happiness can be by balancing the function of hedonism. It may sound easy, however, having intrusive thoughts that make you worry and discouraged such as your work can disrupt your ability to relax and rest. To de-stress yourself, find time to balance your work and try to shut out those intrusive thoughts and replenish in hedonism.



Accepting Yourself 

Accepting yourself can be tricky, especially with society giving a great deal of pressure to succeed and the pressure to compare ourselves to others. We can learn to accept ourselves and incorporate it into our daily habits by learning to accept the mistakes you’ve made, consider the things you do well, and take some quiet time to yourself to improve your self-acceptance journey.



Try new things/Do things Differently

Whether it's taking a different route when going to class or even going to new places, doing things differently or trying new things can be beneficial for yourself in the long run. Exercising at a different place can be beneficial to your emotional health. Changing your physical environment can help your well-being in achieving an enhanced state of happiness.




Research suggests that giving can make you more happy than receiving things. Many people express that giving makes them feel happy, such as giving money to others. Giving generates an act of kindness, though it can also conjure gratitude, and can help form social connections. Giving can also help us perceive others more positively which can result in an increase of feelings of happiness. There are many ways you can help and give to others. You can volunteer to help at an organization, donate to charities or buy a gift/gifts for others.



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