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It is that time of the year again when stress is at an all-time high due to schoolwork picking up and finals right around the corner. So here are some easy ways I destress as a college student.

As a college student, funds are tight, so I try to refrain from doing anything that costs too much money.

We’ll start with probably one of my favorite things to do, which is to go for a walk. I know this sounds obvious and people are always saying it, but being where The University of Tampa is located, there are gorgeous walks at our fingertips.

I love to take the Riverwalk from campus to Bayshore Boulevard and walk down the long sidewalk until I feel the need to turn around. You can go by yourself or even with friends.

I will either go by myself and listen to music or a podcast or if I am feeling chatty, I will often go with one of my friends and air out all my thoughts from the day.

Exercise is a great way to destress, and if you are anything like me, music is the ultimate way to do it.

Another thing I have gotten into over the last few months is journaling.

I would love to pack lunch and drive to Davis Island to enjoy my lunch with a scenic view. I always bring my journal when going because when I’m in such a serene place, I always feel the need to journal.

Journaling helps me get my thoughts and feelings out and always relaxes me. It is a good way to destress and good for my mental health.

This one is a bit more niche, but if you have a car, go for a car ride. It is one of my all-time favorite things to just drive around with the windows down, listening to my music.

This is probably the thing I do most often to destress by myself. I love to drive around, so whenever I need a break and want to do something I go for a car ride.

I typically have no destination and just drive around until I want to go home. When I am at home, though, I always try to bring my best friend along, which always makes some of the best memories.

It is therapeutic for me to listen to music or just talk to my closest friends.

The last thing is very relaxing. You can do this pretty much anywhere. You can find a cute, serene place to sit, or just be in the comforts of your house.

So grab your favorite book or your current read, and go to a relaxing spot where you can take a break.

It is so important to have something that allows you to destress when the workload as a college student is picking up, so I hope you can be inspired by my list of activities and find a way to destress!

Payton Buschhorn is a journalism major at The University of Tampa and an editor for Her Campus at Tampa. She enjoys writing about her travels as well as the sports world. Outside Her Campus, Payton is a senior journalism major and a public relations minor at UT. She is currently a staff writer on The Minaret, which is UT's school paper. At The Minaret, she often wrote opinion pieces as well as entertainment stories. She has written countless stories in different genres in the numerous classes she's taken while at university. Payton loves to travel and even studied abroad in Sydney, Australia. In her free time she enjoys going to Davis Island where she likes to sit by the water and watch the planes and sailboats. When she's not at school or with her friends, she loves to watch sports, specifically hockey and Formula 1. She hopes to get into sports or travel journalism when she graduates and this is one step towards her achieving her goal.