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For someone who saves their money wisely, my one weakness is clothes shopping. To counter all the quarantine spending from this summer and support myself while jobs were scarce, I started selling some of my older clothing on Instagram. After making around 20 successful sales around the country, I found myself buying more than I sold!

By engaging with this newfound community, I interacted with over 200 accounts in awe of the talent I saw. Suddenly, my feed was filled with homemade pieces, thrifted gems, and secondhand assets to my wardrobe. I placed far less orders from fast fashion websites. I filled my closet with unique and special pieces from small businesses operated on Instagram. In doing this, I realized I could create a curated look that was equally different and affordable. 

The business accounts I purchased clothes from operated in several ways. Some account owners will make their own pieces, while others will sell clothes they no longer wear. However, my favorite kind is those who thrift and sell pieces they find at modest prices. I found that the majority of owners were attentive, helpful, and honest about their pieces and practices!

So if you’re looking for a way to save money, or discover dope thrift finds without looking yourself, I suggest doing the same! Sometimes I feel that these accounts are like personal shoppers that help me find clothes I never normally would have access to.

Now for some of my favorite tips for buying:

  • Most if not all of these Instagram accounts will have a ‘proof’ highlight. These highlights will be interactions with customers, to prove their shipped items arrived. 

  • Terminology: Some accounts will have open bidding rather than set prices, where you can comment the amount you are willing and able to pay. ‘BIN’ means Buy-It-Now, meaning you can skip the process and pay the BIN amount, for example $20 with free shipping. 

  • Each account may have unique policies on shipping and buying- so keep these in mind!

  • Shipping: Shipping is usually anywhere from $5-8, and usually includes a tracking number.

Finally, some honorable mentions to some of my favorite Thrift/Second-hand queens:













Lauren is a sophomore currently studying Management at UT. She enjoys being an activist for marginalized groups in her community, and hopes to one day study Law. Interests and hobbies include the beach, music, and traveling.
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