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The Power of Affirmations

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We all know our words hold power, but how much?

This semester at school, I am taking a ballroom and tap class, and the professor who teaches the course is really big on words of affirmation and manifestation. At the beginning of every class, he makes someone choose an affirmation for the day and then proceeds to make us strut down the dance studio and confidently say it towards the mirror. I’ll admit it sounds kind of funny when I am writing it down, but starting the day with a positive affirmation creates a new and refreshing perspective and promotes happiness. Having a professor who puts such an emphasis on words of affirmation reminded me of my own journey with positive words of affirmation.  

Personally, I’m really big on words of affirmation and the power that positive words can hold on your mental health. My phone has a widget that is constantly rotating images of different phrases that help remind me of the good instead of focusing on the negative. I also have a bunch of words of affirmation taped in different places in my room. When I first started writing down affirmations, I wasn’t really sure if it would help change my mindset at all,  but I noticed that as I started to read them more and more and fill my surroundings with positivity, my perspective started to shift little by little. I didn’t realize how helpful it would be to see and read physical reminders of positive affirmations. Words of affirmation are so powerful, in fact, that studies show that repeating self-affirmation can produce physical changes in the brain that impact how the individual not only views themselves but the world around them. I find that the best way to start is to write down simple positive phrases that you like and put them in places that you tend to notice daily. A great place to put one would be on your door or on your bathroom mirror. Every time you look at the affirmation, take a second and read it, internalize the message that it reads, and then continue on with your day. It’s that simple! Words hold lots of power, and reading and saying positive words can have an immensely good effect on our minds and health. 

Some of my favorite words of affirmation are:

  • There is no one like you, there was no one like you, and there will be no one like you, therefore, be yourself. 
  • I attract love and light into my life.
  • I am grateful for what I have and what is about to come. 
  • I don’t chase. I attract. What is meant for me will find me.
  • I am growing into the best version of myself.

Happy manifesting, friends! <3

Daniela Osorio is a third year Musical Theatre and Communications double major at the University of Tampa. She is passionate about the arts and loves music. She hopes to pursue a career in the arts after she graduates. She is an aquarius so she loves to be creative and free-spirited. :)