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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to face the fact and start hunting for those holiday gifts. Now, you’re probably thinking how stressful all that shopping sounds, but what better way to get into the holly jolly spirit than by purchasing a festive advent calendar? It’s better to start purchasing sooner rather than later, and your favorite brands agree, which is why they’ve created these unique ways to countdown the days. 

Now, I know you’re probably questioning why I’m suggesting a more child-related tradition, but these brands kicked it in gear with the perfect advent calendars for quite literally anybody! Aside from the classic chocolates, many brands now offer unique alternative selections such as top-rated beauty products and cookies you can even bake yourself or with any loved one. There are even alcohol calendars for those to celebrate all their hard work during the holiday season, and even special treats for your furry four-legged loved one. 

Now, prepare your eyes (and wallet) for some of the best holiday advent calendars of 2023. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a special someone, you are guaranteed to find a calendar for anyone ranging in all different assortments and prices. 

  1. William Sanoma Holiday Advent Calendar: 24 Days of Baking Cookies 

Whisking you a Merry Christmas, this William Sanoma set, retailing for about $70, is the perfect set for any cookie lovers or bakers. This calendar, only sold at William Sanoma, comes with the full 24 days of festivities by providing you with 24 different goodies to create the most delicious batch of cookies on Christmas. 

  1. Bonne Et Filou Dog Treats Calendar 

Before we get caught up with all the reindeer, let’s not forget about the real four-legged friend at home! This Bonne Et Filou Dog Treats advent calendar is the perfect way to spoil your pup and show them how much you love them. Normally retailing for about $70, it is now on sale for 30% off, coming out to about $50 at Neiman Marcus! Calendar also retails on Amazon for the same original price of $70. 

  1. Revolve Beauty 2023 Advent Calendar 

Need the perfect surprise for her? The Revolve beauty calendar retails for about $150 on the Revolve website but contains over $400 worth of the top-rated beauty products! How can you beat a savings of over $300? Come on. Also, not to mention some of the products in there, such as the Benefit and the infamous Summer Fridays lip butter balm! 

  1. Jack Daniels Holiday Countdown Calendar

Drink up, grinches, because Jack Daniels has crafted us the best 24 days of drinking. The holiday countdown set retails for about $70 and features 24 doors of Jack Daniels whiskey! Whether you want to celebrate the festive time or just have shots with the boys, this advent calendar is perfect for many occasions. 

  1. Give Them Beer Advent Calendar

Now, if you’re not a fan of the whiskey, don’t worry; I still got you covered. However, instead of just one honorable mention, I have decided to just mention the whole site! Give Them Beer advent calendars have alcohol calendars for any type of drinker you could imagine. Their website features boozy calendars with hard seltzers and beers, a liquor calendar with vodka, rum, moonshine, and more, a wine calendar, an ALL tequila calendar, and the best for last. They make a full beef jerky countdown calendar that would be perfect for your lover. All of these calendars retail on the Give Them Beer website and range from  $80 to $100. 

  1. Le Mini Macaron 12 Days of Nails Christmas Calendar 

Calling all nail lovers and nail techs in training! This Le Mini Macaron advent calendar sold at Nordstrom for only $68 with a $105 value is the most perfect gift for anybody who wants to give themself a salon-grade mani at home or just for any nail lovers. The set countdown to Christmas starts 12 days away and gifts you a special nail tool each day. Some honorable mentioned products in the set are the stunning colors of gel polish, gel remover in case we mess up, and, to top it off, even a white pearl LED lamp to cure the gel! Not only are you getting everything you need for your perfect mani, but it is also the cutest thing ever. 

  1. Voluspa 12 Day Advent Calendar

Hold on for dear life before I tell you that this Voluspa 12-day calendar that normally retails for $75 at Sephora is now on sale for $56 at Kohls! The Voluspa calendar is a 12-day countdown that gifts 12 luxurious and yummy smelling candles. This is the perfect gift for any candle lovers or just anyone who loves their place smelling good. Not only are the scents amazing, but the packaging on these candles and even the calendar is absolutely stunning. 

  1. Charlotte’s Lucky Chest Of Beauty Secrets 

Miss Tilbury manages to sleigh us yet again with this 12-day beauty countdown calendar. This Charlotte Tilbury calendar retails for about $210 and can be found on the Charlotte Tilbury, Revolve, and Bloomingdale’s websites. Now, I know you’re probably looking at me crazy after hearing that price, but try not to worry because you are still saving about a whole $70 from purchasing the items in the calendar together rather than separately. Also, not only does the calendar provide you with some of the best beauty products of 2023, but it also leaves you with a stunning box that has mini drawers you could keep forever and use even as a makeup storage organizer! Also, some honorable product mentions are the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream and even FULL SIZE lip products! 

  1. 24 Cups of Cocoa K-Cup Advent Calendar

Gift your favorite chocolate lover this sweet gift! The 24 Cups of Cocoa calendar retails for only $24.99 at World Market and would be the perfect way to spice up the classic chocolate countdown without breaking the bank. This cocoa set isn’t just your average chocolate with marshmallows but instead a luxurious, mouthwatering assortment of flavors everyone will love, such as gingerbread, peppermint, creme brulee, and so much more. 

  1. Lego Starwars Advent Calendar Holiday Building Set 

Light up their holiday season with this fun Star Wars-themed Lego building set. Perfect for any Lego lover or Star Wars lover. The set retails for about $45 and is on sale right now at Target for only $34! This set is the perfect countdown for any age group and would even be a fun activity to build as a whole family or even a Lego building date. 

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