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    Taylor Swift Takes on the VMAS 2023 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

If you haven’t already noticed, given the recent social media craze, Taylor Swift was basically having the time of her life at the VMAS this past week. This will definitely be a night to remember for Taylor Swift fans. She was having a blast, receiving nine trophies, dancing to performances, and supporting other artists. Here are some of Swift’s best moments at the VMAS this year, and she certainly contributed to some interesting ones: 

  • NSYNC Reunion and Taylor Swift is not okay: Taylor Swift basically had a freak-out moment once she saw the reunited NSYNC band walk out on stage to present the first award of the night, which fortunately went to her. She fangirled as soon as she reached the stage and exclaimed, “Not doing well pivoting from this to this,” pointing first at the band and then at the award. “I had your dolls,” she said and continued, adding, “Are you doing something?” “What’s going to happen now?” “They’re going to do something, and I need to know what it is!” she exclaims. I think a lot of fans are with Taylor on this one. 
  • Taylor Swift shakes it off: You don’t have to be a huge Taylor Swift fan to realize that she always gives every performer at award shows her full support. Whether she does that by shouting along to the music, or by dancing however she wants, even if no one else is. Videos of Swift have circulated on social media of her singing along to “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lavato, dancing to Doja Cat’s performance of “Paint the Town Red,” and getting into her dance moves for Shakira’s performance. She doesn’t care about the haters or what people think; she will always be cheering her fellow artists on.
  • The lost diamond: It comes as no surprise that Swift lost the $12k diamond in her ring, given all of her dancing and singing. For her to begin her search for the diamond, she had to wait for a commercial break. Audience members record her as she begins searching for her precious diamond ring. During the commercial break, audience members and security assist her in her search for the missing diamond in her seat. Her guilty reaction to the missing diamond is priceless.
  • Taylor Swift has a reputation for refraining from rash decisions as an artist. When it comes to her appearance, she is always very intentional, especially at award ceremonies. She is always planning and plotting little easter eggs and hints for her fans to stay engaged. Whatever that entails—whether it be something she says in a speech that alludes to the release of an album or a song, posts she’ll make with easter eggs in them, or even the clothes and makeup she chooses—she will do. Swift wore a black Versace dress this year, which was complemented with gold necklaces. Fans believe that her black clothing and the gold chains over her neck may be a hint at the potential re-recording of Reputation. Is Swift seeking to hint at her followers, or are fans going too far with their theories? With all of her upcoming new stuff, it’s impossible to tell, but we know she’s not out of the woods yet.
Taylor Quinn is a social media manager and writer for Her Campus at Tampa chapter. She is part of the social media team who posts regularly for Her Campus events and updates as well as engaging with viewers and followers. Her articles cover a variety of subjects, including pop culture, entertainment, and lifestyle topics. Taylor is a sophomore at the University of Tampa who is majoring in both Film and Communications, Media, and Culture. She has worked on numerous student film sets and is currently a member of a number of clubs at the University of Tampa, including Tampa's Cru, a religious organization, and being a student mentor to incoming freshmen. Taylor is from Kansas City, Missouri and enjoys exploring big cities, watching movies playing her guitar, listening to music, and adventuring new places.