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Staying in Shape for Fall

With Dairy Queen offering not one but TWO Fall blizzard flavors, it’s a challenge to maintain that summer body you worked so hard for. As good as pumpkin and apple pie taste with a nice dollop of ice cream, you need to be strong. Walk into Morsani Hall without even looking over in that direction and follow these tips on how to avoid gaining a muffin top (and avoiding Jazzman’s muffins).

Hit The Gym

UT gives us full access to a gym, for FREE. With plenty of treadmills and other equipment, staying in shape is easy. Mcniff also offers a wide variety of classes to participate in, from yoga to turbo-kick. So grab your girls and your cutest yoga pants and get physical!

Work Out Online

With YouTubers like Blogilates, it’s easy to work out without leaving your dorm! Grab your laptop and search YouTube for a bunch of easy little workouts. Get your roommate to do them with you too! Having a friend to motivate you is the best way to keep up with your goals.

Chew On This

Fitness experts are constantly saying that abs are made in the kitchen. 80% of fitness starts with healthy eating; so the next time you want to pick up some Chik-Fil-A, remember that a healthy wrap from Fresh Creations will help you in the long run. To avoid those late night 155 Grill cravings, keep some healthy snacks stored in your room. Trail mix and fruit bars are great to munch on when you’re cramming for that 8 a.m. exam. You can even Google cute recipes to make in your room!

Quench Your Thirst

We’re not talking about your Thirsty Thursdays; we’re talking about hydrating yourself with some H2O! Drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin healthy and helps de-bloat your tummy.  Who knew something so simple could do so much for your body?!

Doing all of these things will help keep your bikini body ready year round (or at least until Christmas comes and then you scarf down all of those delicious goodies that Santa brings). 

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Sam is Campus Correspondent for the University of Tampa! She is a communications major with a concentration in media studies and a minor in new media production. For someone who is barely five feet tall, Sam has big aspirations. She hopes to become the next Rachel Hollis or Miranda Priestly. If all else fails however, she’ll have an exciting future as Mrs. Justin Bieber! Sam talks non stop about her sorority, Pi Beta Phi and can easily be spotted on campus wearing her letters. She is an avid brunch goer and disney enthusiast. Buy her some cheesecake and you're guaranteed friends.
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