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•spring’20• A Spotify Playlist

         Every season I create a new playlist! I have a very extensive taste in music, but it all falls into the same playlist at the being of a season. We go through phases, just like the earth, and these playlists showcase that.

         •spring’20• consists of many styles of music! There are a few instrumentals, some oldies, some classics, some songs you may have never heard, some songs you love, and plenty of hippie bops!

Music is an important way we express ourselves. A wise man once said, “Music is the only real magic in this world.” I believe it. Music is a window to the soul. It is endless poetry.

Pop on •spring’20• for some chill vibes!



Shannon is a sophomore studying Musical Theatre at the University Of Tampa. Her dream is perform on Broadway and eventually run her own theatre. In her spare time she enjoys making too many Spotify playlists, watching classic movies, and finding a new path to explore! If you want to see what she's doing next, follow her Instagram - @something.royal
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