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Skin Treatments Worth Price Tag Feature Hero
Skin Treatments Worth Price Tag Feature Hero
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Skin and Makeup Products I’m Bringing into 2024

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

The new year calls for a fresh skincare and makeup routine. One of my goals this year is to do more brand and product research. Not everyone has the same skin type or preferences so not all products that are recommended will work for everyone. Therefore, it’s important to research and know your body before purchasing any product. Remember– great products do not have to all be high-end or popular. Yes, brands that are popularly advertised and talked about are easier to trust, but I’ve noticed that through my own research and trial and error, I discovered products that I’m happier with. 

  1. La Roche-Posay Face Cleanser and Moisturizer 

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Consistency is key– sticking to a simple skincare routine can make the biggest difference in clearing and prepping your skin, especially through the cold winter months.

I’ve struggled to find the right products to prep my very dry and sensitive skin, and this product changed everything for me. I knew about La Roche-Posay but never thought to try their products until one day as I was searching for new skincare, an associate introduced me to this multi-purpose hydrating face wash and moisturizer. 

Just a few weeks after using these products, I noticed my skin feeling smoother and looking healthier. Totally worth trying if you have sensitive and dry-to-normal skin. 

Hydrating Gentle Cleanser:

4.7 stars

  • La Roche Posay- $16.99
  • Target- $16.99
  • Ulta- $18.99
  • Amazon- $16.98
  • CVS- $13.99

Cicaplast Balm B5:

4.7 stars

  • La Roche Posay- $15.99
  • Target- $15.99
  • Ulta- $17.99
  • Amazon- $15.99
  1. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

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This Vitamin C and Niacinamide eye cream does wonders. Just 10 minutes after applying, I can see and feel that my under eyes are brighter and smoother. My eyebags have progressively become more visible, so starting my morning routine with this product does the trick.

4.5 Stars 

  • Origins- $37
  • Sephora- $37
  • Ulta- $37 
  • Amazon- $35
  1. Maybelline SuperStay Concealer and Skin Tint

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If you’re looking for an affordable, long-lasting, lightweight concealer and buildable skin tint, Maybelline’s SuperStay products will do the job. Even in the warmer months, this concealer and skin tint leaves my skin radiant all day and night. 

SuperStay Skin Tint:

4.3 stars

  • Ulta- $12.59
  • Target- $13.99
  • Amazon- $13.98
  • Walmart- $13.98
  • Walgreens- $15.99

SuperStay Concealer:

4.4 stars

  • Ulta- $11.99
  • Target- $9.99
  • Amazon- $9.70
  • Walmart- $9.98
  • CVS- $12.49
  1. EOS 24H Super Balm 

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As we all know, EOS went through a phase of popularity back in 2016, but shortly the product began to receive backlash, which led to its disappearance for a few years. It seems, though, that they came out with a new Super Balm that is slowly helping EOS make its comeback.

Recently, I was looking for a new lip balm because I was getting tired of my classic chapsticks, so the EOS packaging, design, and flavor options struck my eye– It was also the first time I saw EOS in a long time and in a new form. I was curious so I tried it and ended up liking it a lot more than I expected. 

What I like most about this lip balm is that it’s not only fun in colors and flavors (that are perfect for summer months), but it is so cheap, and it’s a perfect substitute for lip gloss if you’re looking to do a makeup-no-makeup look. The ratings are also pretty high, so they must be doing something right!

4.7 stars

2 pack (depending on flavors)

  • EOS(all flavor options): $10.99
  • Amazon (limited flavor options): $9.57-$9.59
  • Target (limited flavor options): $9.59
  • Walmart: $9.57


  • EOS (all flavor options): $5.99 
  • Amazon (limited flavor options): $4.97

4 pack Bundle:

  • EOS: $18.68
  1. Glossier FutureDew

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I’ve been using this Glossier FutureDew serum for a while now and It is my favorite part of my makeup routine– even when I’m not wearing makeup, I would use a small drop of it. 

The serum includes nourishing oils and plant-based extracts which is what gives you the dewy and brighter look. My makeup looks 10x better when I use this serum after moisturizing and prior to applying my makeup. If you are not looking to spend too much and trying to achieve that donut skin look, I highly recommend it.

4.1 stars

  • Glossier: $28
  • Sephora: $28
  • Amazon: $33-34.97
  1. Fenty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer 

I’m absolutely obsessed with this lip gloss in the color Fussy– but there are also over 10 pretty color options. I love the color, smell, shine, and texture. Maybe I love it even more because I’m a big RiRi fan, but I swear by this lip gloss– you will feel like a baddie, trust me. 

4.6 stars

  • Fenty Beauty: $21
  • Ulta: $21
  • Sephora: $21
  • Amazon: $21-24
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