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Signing Up for Classes

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

I love the University of Tampa; it is my second year here. I love the climate, living in the city, and attending a small school. It seems perfect, but in some cases, it’s not.  I am mainly talking about registering for classes. It is that time of the semester again, and I have been stressing even weeks before the start of registration.  

Looking at classes I still need to take, I have noticed that there aren’t many sections or seats available for the journalism major requirements. It stresses me out because even though I am going to be a junior next year and I get an earlier registration date, I am still worried that I won’t be able to take the necessary classes to fulfill my graduation requirements. I have been told by current and past advisors not to worry because I’ll be able to graduate on time, but I can’t help it as I still have six more classes that I need to take.

When I was making my draft schedules, I was very limited as to what I could take because there is one class that is a prerequisite for the other core journalism classes. It is frustrating because I have tried to get into this class for three semesters now and instead have been left to take random classes that won’t do anything but keep me as a full-time student. When I spoke to my advisor about this predicament, all she said was not to worry as I would have an earlier registration date and was more likely to get in. The thing is that all I can do is worry because if I can’t get this one class, I don’t know what my class schedule is going to look like for next semester because I need to take this class before I am allowed to take anything else.  

When my friends register, they aren’t as stressed as I am because they register a couple of days before I do. There are multiple sections for them, and there are a lot more seats available. I wish this was the same case for journalism classes as I don’t want to be put on a waiting list for however long and end up not being in a specific class.  

 I hope the University of Tampa can fix this problem so that I and others don’t have to worry about getting into classes and graduating on time.

Ariana Fromm is a new writer for Her Campus at the University of Tampa. She enjoys subjects having to do with entertainment and traveling. Outside of Her Campus, Ariana is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, majoring in journalism with a minor in communications. She hopes that she can get into the sports writing industry and one-day cover sports such as tennis and hockey. Ariana enjoys playing sports such as tennis and basketball, as well as watching sports. She played tennis for 15 years, and even though she no longer plays it, she finds it to still be a big part of her life. She loves traveling, listening to music, writing, and watching films (mainly Marvel). She has also gotten more into reading since being in college and would love book recommendations.