Should one Invest in a Diffuser for Curly Hair?


You’ve probably seen multiple influencers using a diffuser or simply substituting it with a t-shirt and wondered which method really works. You’re probably even read hundreds of different opinions. I tried both methods for 5 months each and noticed a great difference.

(Picture from: Jennifer Marichal)

Lacy Redway, Nexxus style and trends curator and stylist to Tessa Thompson said, “diffusing hair is a good alternative to regular drying because it’s a low-pressure airflow that allows the drying process to be sped up without manipulation the natural texture of your hair”.

I definitely agree with them. While I was using the t-shirt method to dry my hair, I noticed it didn’t have as much volume as it normally would have, and it would look like hair day three instead of hair day one. I purchased a DevaDryer and have been completely in love with it since the first use. Not only is the volume of my hair back but my curls have never looked better.